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BFH Interviews Pamela Geller Regarding Megyn Kelly’s Disparaging Comments

Megyn Kelly said that “without question, Pamela Geller is a hateful person.”

Megyn Kelly is ignorant. She knows nothing of Pamela’s work and life philosophy, lazily mouthing what she assumes to be true with little examination for the truth.

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  1. People like Kelly stand in front of the mirror and say-
    who’s the fairest of them all” If it wasn’t for Pam and Robert Spencer we may never know the truth about muzzies. MSM-my shit matters— stupid people will soon get their just punishment…

  2. That’s her problem. No research done on her own. She has a couple of jerks doing ‘research’ for her and she just comes on and flaps her gums. I quit watching her soon after she got her show for lying about a blogger. She called his article Rayciss. Had she done her research, she’d have known the blogger had linked a story done by another blogger, who was black, who wrote it tongue in cheek to make a point about the left. She’s a scrunt. She’d better serve her talents by being slapped around by Howard Stern.

  3. @MJA – The Brits have a good term for the likes of MK: News Reader. They make to pretense that their on-air people are the ones writing anything, much less researching stories.

    Aside: There’s another British-ism I like. Shorthand for “celebrity” is “sleb” – MK is now just a news-reading sleb.

  4. News happens. Research and knowledge on particular subject is for little people.
    When her show is on, people tune in just to look at her.

    Her crappy attitude has a lot to do with why her ratings are in the tank.

  5. Ahahaha! Kelly “has the loyalty of an alleycat”, I’m still laughing! Pamela Geller has that twit pegged, “she’s on a Megyn mission”, and she doesn’t give a damn who she tramples on her way. She has made a huge mistake thinking she can trample the likes of Pamela Geller. Kelly would never in several lifetimes measure up to Pamela Geller’s intelligence, integrity, dedication, and loyalty. Great interview, BFH.

  6. It’s time people get a clue about Megan Kelly, she’s become an elitist progressive. She cares more about her ratings and mirrors than the state of the nation. Kelly is a good actress who has enough knowledge of the conservative culture to pull off pretending to have conservative view points. She’s showing her true colors – pay attention.

  7. “Delusional” is perfect description of MK, just look at her hair …yikes… and her bedroom wear for tv show at 9pm. She is having a mid life crisis

  8. Mymug Kelly is married to a house husband. Doesn’t that say a lot? I wonder where she stores the riding crop?

  9. I know I am a straight white woman, but she doesn’t look pretty to me at all. She is hard and trashy looking. A rode hard and put away wet too many times presstitute.

  10. Mrs Moe is bad enough at times, but I cannot imagine being married to that cunt Kelly. There would be a justifiable homicide case at some point.

  11. I’d like to see some pictures of Pam when she was younger. Grade school
    High school, college?
    What interests did she have back then?
    My 14 year old daughter likes to play basketball and sports in general.

  12. Hey wonderful to hear your voice BFH. Pamela is a wonderful lady. A patriot. I think Kelly may join “The View” with the other chattering hens.

  13. “I think Kelly may join “The View” with the other chattering hens.”


    Be careful MoeTom. Wives can hear things. Don’t want to lick to IOTW someday to hear there will be No Moe Tom.

  14. “no question” kelly is consumed with herself.

    As the old Brits might say, she thinks she is above her station.

  15. IOTWR contest
    What kind of cookie is BFH?
    Aggression cookie?
    Animal Cracker?
    Butter Cookie?
    Sugar Cookie?

  16. I have known Pamela Geller for several years and she is a courageous warrior with a huge heart. A HUGE heart.

    Pamela is one in a million. Nope. Make that one in a billion.

    M. Kelly on the other hand is a dull narcissistic opportunist and we are watching her fizzle out in real time.

    Kelly = shite

    Geller = gold bullion

  17. Kelly is the kind of wife who’s husband puts his foot in the toilet and pisses down his leg to to avoid waking her highness.

  18. It takes a lot of love and courage for Pamela to do what she does. Megyn Kelly wouldn’t know that kind of courage if it slapped her smug little face. She’s never done anything that required it.

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