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Dakota Access protesters leaving because of cold weather

AP: Harsh winter weather is forcing some protesters against the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline to leave a vast camp in North Dakota.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Office estimates between 1,800 and 2,200 people remain at the camp on federal land. That’s down from the estimated 3,000 to 5,000 protesters before a couple of winter storms brought heavy snow and bitter-cold temperatures.

Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault has called for the camp to disband, though Native American rights activist Chase Iron Eyes has implored protesters to stay.

A coalition of grassroots groups opposing the pipeline issued a statement Friday saying they support a transition to protesting against project investors. But they say they also support pipeline opponents who choose to camp overwinter.

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  1. Ole and Lena were at the protest and Ole was sitting up their tent. After a few minutes his hands got cold and he asked Lena if he could warm his hands between her knees….”Yah sure Ole, go ahead”….this continued to happen for the next 2 hours when Ole came into the tent and asked once again to put his hands between her knees to warm them up….Lena said…”Yah sure Ole, but don’t your ears ever get cold?”…

  2. Hell the ground’s so hard up there right now the Enterprise couldn’t dig a trench with the Phasers on overload.

  3. “So DC is going to listen to 3,000 – 5,000 whiners rather than at least 62 million people.”

    It wouldn’t be the first time, unfortunately.

  4. I’d keep one worker with a trencher there all winter. It’s like attracting SJW flies to feces. Predicting mass frostbite.

  5. @ MJA, it one BELOW right now (5.45 pm) in RC, SD and it has not been above 10 degrees since weds. And its colder up north.

    There wont be anyone alive there now.

  6. As a resident of these parts, I don’t feel it is cold until the ambient temp reaches minus 30. Only then is the wind chill a real factor.

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