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Biden Attempts to Defend the Indefensible

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Biden, on Tuesday, defended his ill-fated “American Rescue Plan” for the zillionth time by arguing that the (at least) $1.9 trillion spending spree helped enable local governments to keep paying their employees (which does zero to help productivity). He also boasted of his additional trillions in spending for government-subsidized health care, manufacturing, infrastructure, and so-called “green energy.”

Biden’s claim was not only nonsensical; it was a direct contradiction of Economics 101: Injecting trillions of dollars into a struggling economy to chase a relatively limited supply of goods and services generally leads to an increase in inflation — not a decrease, as Team Biden disingenuously continues to claim. More

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  1. A FYIIMHO release

    It looks like this is their play

    They want to get it through the House right away pre-Jan

    but then . . .

    Oh Shucks, gotta delay until after XMAS for the Senate

    Thats the W-W play for Nancys Crew (with rino help)


  2. It’s not about ‘defending’ anything. Biden is a puppet, and is doing the bidding of his Chicomm masters: destroying our country.

  3. “Biden Attempts to Defend the Indefensible”

    …well, Pedo The Fraud is HIMSELF indefensible, so he kind of HAS to defend the indefensible, its his BRAND…

  4. Honestly, How long is His list of Indefensible Acts aside from this one?

    He was pure garbage since his youth looking for “Roaches” with his “Big Chain” & corn pop.

  5. Manufacturing is currently tanking real hard. Joe did his best to kill it from day one. What has saved it this long are the trade restriction Trump put on China. They are still in place but demand has finally dropped to zero. Things get real bad when manufacturing tank because manufacturing has by far the largest “Economic Multipliers” . A stupid phrase for Vendor base. Shops are all ready cutting payroll. Just before Christmas. Thanks Joe.What a guy. Let’s see him defend what’s coming.

  6. The only ‘spending’ Joe Biden has done and will continue to do is by embezzling crypto such a FTX to give to Zelensky/Ukraine, Red China ChiComs, and his vulgar family.

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