Biden Doesn’t Know Where He Is Or What He’s Talking About

Gaffe-Prone Biden Briefly Claims He’s In Ohio During Iowa Stop


Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) experienced another gaffe during a stop in Iowa over the weekend, briefly claiming that he was in Ohio while campaigning in the Hawkeye State.

Biden, who has remained gaffe-prone throughout his presidential bid, misspoke yet again during a campaign stop at Abby Finkenauer’s Fish Fry in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday, briefly claiming that he was in Ohio before correcting himself.

“How many unsafe bridges you still have here in the state of Ohio?” he said before correcting himself. “I mean Iowa. I was just in Ohio because they have more”:

9 Comments on Biden Doesn’t Know Where He Is Or What He’s Talking About

  1. “I was born a poor black child …”

    it’s too bad that ‘creepy’, ‘slow’, Quid Pro Quo’, ‘good old’, ‘lunchbucket’, ‘lurking’, ‘uncle’, ‘Amtrak’ Joe has flamed out so quickly … would’ve been so entertaining to have The Donald run against this addled swamp creature

  2. Pedo Joe literally turned his back on his Iowa audience and began talking to the backdrop on CSPAN yesterday, they kept cutting away to give him time to reorient himself. His campaign has always been about being a placeholder for the Lizard Queen anyway.

    That is why he has been so unserious in his efforts and putting on the ritz to the point his campaign is broke. He has been camouflage for the Golden Muumuu the entire time to give her the luxury of maneuver without having to sully herself in their asinine infantile debates.

    She will simply levitate above the scrum of mental midgets until Warren is bloodied enough and Joey drops out (which was the plan from the git).

    This has been the plan all along because she is the DNC, they are a wholly owned subsidiary of Murder inc. Everything is run by the Clinton machine.

    Once again the desperate plan of the cabal is for her to win and pardon all the current deep state criminals under investigation if they are tried before her victory and kill the investigations after her victory.

    She is running, all the appearances with Colbert, etc and her physical rehabilitation is a clear indication of intent. Madame Cyberhack is coming to a theatre near you.

    I recommend HA Goodman for your viewing pleasure on YouTube. He is a bit obnoxious and annoying but he is also funny as hell and his skill at imitating voices is amazing.

  3. He doesn’t know because he doesn’t care.
    Joe made a life career of being a vapid wind bag.
    Politics is the perfect hiding place for a guy (or gal) like that.
    It’s just Hollywood for ugly people.


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