Biden Goes Off The Rails Promoting Trains As Fast As Jets

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With the “infrastructure” bill taking center stage now as the White House’s top priority, the push for trains to become more prominent in America is in full swing. It doesn’t matter that the country is far too massive to need a system of high-speed rail given that air travel costs far less. But global warming and emissions and all that so you get the current, asinine obsession with making choo-choos great again.

Today, Biden attempted to sell the idea, and things did not go well. More

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  1. Alright SlowJoe – that’s ENOUGH Thomas the Tank Engine for YOU for one day. It just gets you TOO EXCITED. 🤪

  2. When CallMeDrJill gets off work at the Bunny Ranch, she uses her worthless doctorate in education to read President Asterisk a bed time story. This time is must have been “Little Thomas Blows a ChooChoo.
    Isn’t their crackhead kid supposed to have some interest in locomotives? I thought they wanted him to become drug czar.

  3. Am I the only one whose head exploded today when president asterisk said that constitutional amendments are not absolute.

    Dude stole the election and now he is dictating which constitutional amendments he likes and dislikes.

    We are in for very big trouble. The man is a drooling tyrant puppet and obama and his ilk are pulling the strings.

    I’m sorry. Did you just say that constitutional amendments are not absolute?

    They have no idea about the fury they are unleashing.

  4. Lobbying for a lunar express service.

    Yes, moon trains. This admin would be totally gay for a train to the moon.


  5. Sorry. They aren’t joking. This is the beginning of a dictatorship.

    Today’s statement is a full on statement of a dictator.

    Politics is no longer bean bag or a gentlemanly exercise.
    We have entered warfare.

  6. Look, if the head jackass is saying amendments suck, run with it. The 12th amendment is all about electing presidents. Obviously it’s been violated, raped and dumped in a shallow grave if biden thinks he’s the president.

    He’s giving us an excuse, with his blessing. RUN WITH IT.

  7. Democrats just LOVE choo-choo trains. Mayors, county exec’s, governors, Congress people, and now, President Shitshispants.

    Trains have wheels and the wheels go ’round and round” – like in that stupid bus song.

  8. orestia
    APRIL 8, 2021 AT 7:07 PM
    “When CallMeDrJill gets off work at the Bunny Ranch, she uses her worthless doctorate in education to read President Asterisk a bed time story. This time is must have been “Little Thomas Blows a ChooChoo.”

    …you know, adult knowledge spoils children’s books. I used to like “The Little Engine That Could” as it doughily pulled too much train UP the hill, chugging out “I THINK I can, I THINK I can”.

    …but as an adult, I realize that you ALSO need mass and energy proportional to load and velocity to be able to STOP.

    …therefore, as the Little Engine starts back DOWN the hill, towards all the hopeful happy little children gathered to get their milk and candy and toys, at SOME point when the Little Engine tries to slow down, it starts to chant in dawning, horrified realization, “oh SHIT no brakes oh SHIT no brakes!”.

    …and the sound of the explosion at the station full of children at the bottom of the hill reverberates through the valley, as the blood-red flames lick up through the towering column of steam that marks the spot where the boiler on The Little Engine split wide, scalding young mothers and even younger children to death, delivering misery in place of the expected nourishment, leaving the surviving orphans to gruesomely starve in the shattered remains of their only link to food, water, and medicine, all because of the outsized ego and lack of adherence to specs on the part of The Little Engine that Killed…

  9. Henry, I don’t care what he MEANT. You never give your opponent a crumb. Ever. He said amendments aren’t absolute. Agree, and then cram the 12th down his throat. Obviously the first is broken too because everyone protesting this illegitimate bastard were silenced and our 2nd is obviously broken because everyone is too scared to exercise their second amendment to protect us from a bat shit crazy government.

    You wanna’ roll over and just bitch and moan and make is easy for them, fine.

    That’s not my game.

  10. Well @burr. What are you talking about? I’m putting forth a warning. Did you hear about this defiance of our constitutional protections on nbcabccbscnn? Probably not.

    It’s a clarion call to those who need the real news.

  11. Yeah…..the bastard who broke the string on my butterfly yo-yo.

    My favorite color too.

  12. confused – will the trains be as fast as those jets that will go 21,000 mph? those train crossings will be crazy!!!!!

  13. Of course, Resident Joey wasn’t talking about this, but there have been some studies of and proposals to build a transportation system that actually would make it possible to get just about anywhere on the globe in about an hour.

    It started off with the Russkies back in the 1960s with their Fractional Orbital Bombardment System. Soviets being Soviets and highly paranoid, they though only of the weapons application, but the concept is fairly simple and easily applied to travel in general.

    If you use badass rockets to get up to orbital speed at somewhere around 90 to 100 miles altitude, you’re in (very) low earth orbit, and it’s coasting from then on until time for reentry. One full orbit would take around 90 minutes, but you’d really never need to go for more than a half orbit…to get to the other side of the world.

    While speed wouldn’t quite get up to 21,000 mph, it would be up there in the 19,000 mph range, or pretty close.

    This would be ridiculously, hideously expensive but with the reusable rocket systems being developed by the likes of SpaceX (now taking baby steps), the cost will come down to merely hideously expensive.

  14. Has anyone ever seen an old fashioned train go faster than maybe 100 to 110 MPH? Piper Cubs are faster than most trains. Bullet trains can go faster but still not as fast as a jet. These people who propose this nonsense are a bunch of friggin idiots.

  15. Wow, a butterfly yo-yo. Haven’t heard, or used one of those in about, oh, 50 years.

    Back then I used to be pretty good with a yo-yo. We had an independent five and dime store that would have a Duncan yo-yo rep come by on Saturdays and give yo-yo trick demonstrations. Those were simpler times.

  16. Yo Yo can also be used to describe an unstable or erratic person who vacillates between one opinion and another and who sticks their finger in the wind to see which way that it’s blowing. Sort of like most democraps who are are totally contrary in everything they believe and do according to the whims and the fads of the moment.


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