Biden: “I’m looking for my mask. I’m in trouble” – IOTW Report

Biden: “I’m looking for my mask. I’m in trouble”

It was in his pocket.

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  1. I thought he carried two. I’m beginning to think he got a saltwater jab, because he doesn’t seem very confident.

    And Jill, you’d also better check to make sure he has his diaper before he goes out.

  2. If these ass clowns would quit the stupid virtue signaling mask crap perhaps Joe would get a little more oxygen to his non-functioning brain.

  3. The first crime committed was NOT the stealing of the vote. It is the fact that the DNC KNOWINGLY ran a candidate that is obviously suffering from a diminished mental capacity in order to deceive the American Voter.

  4. Please watch the guy come up on to the stage before they “find” the mask. He has something in his hand that he hands to Jill and then he leaves. Does he hand her a mask? Why does he keep saying that he is going to get into trouble? Is someone physically hurting him? I know I shouldn’t worry about him but this is such abuse.

  5. “Why Dear God, why do you punish us with this doltard Joe Biden?”

    If you have to ask that question, you wouldn’t understand the answer.

  6. And that trouble would be Barack Obama giving him a tongue lashing. Boy, where is that fly on the wall when you need it?
    With all the stuff we say about slow Joe it probably doesn’t compare to what the puppet masters have to say about him.

  7. Maybe you folks are already there, but I’ve reached the point where I cannot bear to watch, listen, or even see Biden in a photo. Completely nauseating, same for his vacuous, empty-handed sidekick.


  8. “Getting Back on Track” refers to the track Obama was on. However, it seems to me that the Washington establishment never left it. But the American people did. There’s no going back, Joe. Not for us.

  9. I thought that I lost the key to a rental van a couple of years ago in Hamilton, Montana. We looked everywhere for it and couldn’t find it until my customers wife told me to check that little change pocket in my jeans, sure enough it was there and boy did I feel stupid. Who uses that little pocket anyway?

  10. Forget about your “bank robber” mask — you bet, you’re in trouble!

    This person, with a vindictive, shifty, juvenile, child’s mind, along with sundry, criminal associates, thereof, needs being tried for Treason owing to his (and, likely other’s) obvious actions in trying to take over and destroying this Country, ASAP…Link:

    Try starting here on You Tube (if you have any free time this weekend) and let it run on its own for four-plus random cycles, or more.

  11. Geoff
    Technically, it was known as a “watch pocket” back in the day when guys had their watches on a chain.

  12. @ Geoff
    I do everyday.
    I put different hex drivers and nut drivers in there depending on what I need that day. Holds them very well.

  13. Thirdtwin may be on to something, he was in an absolute panic, and still refuses to unmask outside. On the other hand senile people panic at the slightest stressor and the mask may now be his inner security totem…

    Could be a combo of both I guess, but then the stupid bastard would have to be self aware enough to know it was saline in his shot. I’m gonna go with senile panic.

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