Portable Greenhouse – IOTW Report

Portable Greenhouse

h/t Ann Nonymous Prime “because walking around with a box of plants on your head is SOOOOO 2021”

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  1. What does he do when his nose itches?

    Any random idiot passing through has to say to himself ,”Well, I gotta move on, this village has it’s quota”.

  2. Nice they love to further identify what spectrum of insane they are. I already have anyone wearing a mask outside at a 10 so this is clearly a new level. Hopefully he gets some sort of biting insect that lays eggs in that thing.

  3. My first thought was that I’d last maybe two minutes before I’d have to rip it off to breath some fresh air! Have you spent much time in a small greenhouse? The hot, moist air would be suffocating.

  4. Call any vegetable
    Call it by name
    Call one today
    When you get off the train
    Call any vegetable
    And the chances are good
    Ooooh! The vegetable
    Will respond to you

    No one will know
    If you don’t want to let ’em know
    No one will know
    ‘Less it’s you that might tell ’em so
    Call and they’ll come to you
    Covered with dew
    Vegetables dream
    Of responding to you
    Standing there
    Shiny & proud by your side
    Holding your hand
    While the neighbors decide
    Why is a vegetable
    Something to hide?

    F. Zappa, Call Any Vegetable

    album: Absolutely Free (1967)
    (Also on that album, Duke of Prunes)

  5. He looks suspiciously like Bob Dylan. I picked up an entire large Nissan cargo van full of plants for Mother’s Day this morning from a greenhouse just outside of Deer Park, Wash. There were so many plants I felt like I was crammed into a sardine can with plants even in the front seat so I could barely see out of my passenger side window. I had to leave 4 plants behind because there was no more room for them, they promised that they’ll deliver the rest later. I was also praying on my way back to Spokane that the cops wouldn’t stop me because I probably had an illegal sized load. Boy, am I gonna be glad when Mother’s Day is over a week from Sunday.

  6. He’s special and wants everyone to know it.

    Look around and see if there’s a short bus nearby.


    TRF APRIL 30, 2021 AT 6:11 PM

    If he falls over with that damn thing on his head, iz it called a Face Plant???

    Insert rimshot here

  7. @TRF—“If he falls over with that damn thing on his head, iz it called a Face Plant???”

    Either that, or falliage.

  8. Closing the CO2=O2 cycle…….with an excess of CO2.
    How long before he passes out?


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