Biden Ordered Flags to Half-Staff for COVID Victims – IOTW Report

Biden Ordered Flags to Half-Staff for COVID Victims

I was running errands and grocery shopping on Friday when I noticed flags around down at half-mast. Looked up why yesterday and discovered it was Biden’s doing. Here

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  1. I’ll have to call up Kenny and apologize.

    We got into an argument over whether the flag was at half staff to mourn his floppy dicked non existent love life or for my receding hairline.

  2. I can think of quite a few people I’d like to hoist up any handy flagpole in commemoration of all those whom they killed by…

    — withholding medication
    — giving them toxic medication
    — putting them on unnecessary ventilators
    — cramming nursing homes with infectious people
    — making them stay home where they had nothing better to do than drink and/or drug themselves up

    …not to mentioned all those small businesses owners and employees whose livelihoods were destroyed, some to the point of suicide.

    I probably could go on but it’s too saddening and maddening.

  3. Burr, you know what you call a bunch of rabbits all running away over a hill? A receding hareline. I’ve had a receding hairline for the past 30 years or so and have grown used to it because it’s said that bald guys are smarter than young punks with a full head of hair still.

  4. Me: “blah blah blah….right on my forehead”

    Daughter:…..”Papa,it looks more like a sixhead.”

  5. We also noticed the flags on Friday. Having escaped from the Great White North, home of Justine Castro, we thought about The Great Dictator’s lowering flags for months on end to honor the fallacy of the First Nations’ children “murdered” by the Canadian government at residential schools.

  6. Has Biden resigned yet? Seems like I remember butter brain saying something like “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America” after a couple hundred thousand deaths. Joe?

  7. The fraudulent president killed my brother and I’m sposta get over that cuz he lowered the flags? FJB. Shove his beloved hammer and sickle flag up his worthless commie ass.

  8. You and me, judgeroybean.
    I’m parking my anger for a short while, as I figure out who exactly is responsible for my brother’s death. Meanwhile, virtue signaling up a flagpole ain’t helping.

  9. …but I DON’T see the “presidential” proclamation lowering the Flag for the military personnel killed during his asinine retreat from Afghanistan, tho…

  10. Jerry Manderin: Obama is the middle man. He is there to make us THINK he is running things, but he isn’t. He is there to try and keep us from seeing who is really running things.

  11. Interesting to note that the longtime career white supremacist and ‘real segregationist(s)’ Joe Biden flying any flag for those he hates and has made racial slurs against. Same goes for the pathetic violence-promoting accidental governor Hochul (D-NY) who has yet another money-phishing-theft scheme going on her website (governor kathy hochul) for the victims of the Joe Biden-connected shooter-actor.

  12. Empty symbolism from an empty head..
    Hey, remember “..All that for a flag”?
    Yeah, same bunch.


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