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Kind of Weird How Stories Tie Together

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  1. That POS Biden is already preaching about the grocery shooter using weapons of war to murder people. Meanwhile the bastard Biden just sent $40 billions of our tax dollars to the Ukraine so they could purchase weapons of war to murder people.

  2. The stories tie together because that’s the plan: to reduce the number of people, whatever way it takes.

  3. But where you gonna get that sweet adrenochrome now, Nancy? Didn’t think it all the way through, did you.

  4. …and if they can’t kill them or starve them, they’ll traffik the ones who got away and make some more billions of dollars. That is the apparent value of a human being to the collective.

  5. We must save the planet by preventing fossil fuel drilling while also eliminating the coal production that enables us to achieve that goal.

  6. and then there are also other stories- like hunter’s emails
    there’s other movies, too

    but heck- they’ll starve babies or kill them before they are get to be kids, and that is what they’ll have us all talk about

  7. What also ties together is the fact that the buffalo shooter’s manifesto is hidden by media and google but a thorough search can be found. Add that Joe Biden is tied to the shooter who is tied to Zelensky’s ethnic race-cleansing neo-nazi battalion. Shooter also wears a Zelensky round nazi battalion symbol. Don’t let Joe Biden’s faked-out flag-flying vaudeville act (again) fool anyone. Biden is a confirmed card-carrying members-only minority-blak-hispanic-asian-indian race-hater who collaborated with and is an eager associate of the vile kaykaykay, including his open and public racial slurs against these groups. It just so happens that race supremacist clubs are the members-only orgs he was able to join since he was rejected from numerous elitist social clubs.

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