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Biden WTF? Moments Becoming More Frequent

Wait until the end to hear the voice of the guy who doesn’t think Biden has said, “My Butts Been Wiped.”

Can it be any more milquetoast?


President Joe Biden took one question from reporters when he returned to the White House this afternoon after *another* weekend in Delaware but we have no idea WTF he said at the start of the exchange. More

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  1. 81 million votes? Everyone knows that is a blatant lie. It was more like 120 million votes. The deep state lying to us plebs once again. This guy is a genius!

  2. 1) A resignation.
    2) 25th Amendment.
    3) A termination by the FBI that is made to look like it was done by right-wing extremists.

    Place your bets.

  3. There were more people lining the streets of OH last week for Biden’s faux townhall with Trump flags – blocks of people. No one believes this man is in charge of anything. But what pushback is there? Not one republican has even raised a question on his mental health.

  4. The real problem is that its absolutely believable that he said “my butts been wiped.” Speaking Joe-berish. The man is a doddering imbecile. And Dr. Jill is “representing” the U.S. in Tokyo.

    Hi everyone. It’s taken me until now to dip my toe in news and politics after our election was stolen and nothing was done.

  5. riverlife_callie
    JULY 26, 2021 AT 1:30 PM

    …welcome back, RC. We’re just as curmudgeonly and misanthropic as always, but with better reason.

    Come for the community, stay for when the Democrats force BFH to reveal us all for one of Nancy’s show trials.

  6. Doubt he even dresses himself anymore, wither or not he soils his codpiece on a regular basis, I guess that Depends.

  7. It absolutely does not matter what jibberish comes out of his mouth, the media will tell what he meant to say, and that is all that matters.

  8. Good thing he has a personal butt wiper because it is clear that he cannot find his own ass with both hands!

    Welcome Home RC! I’ve been missing you! Glad all is well – except for the strain of watching “events”.

  9. “No, he didn’t say that. This is a stretch.”

    No, Dan, it’s not a stretch. It’s a stutter, and he’s had it since childhood.

  10. Dan Knowles, you absolutely must learn to laugh about it. The dude is a meme unto himself. lol.

    Welcome back, Callie!

  11. What kind of brown nosing sycophant would laugh at whatever it is Biden said. It that was meant as a joke, then I say start the 25th A proceeding cause that was one of the unfunniest things I ever heard

  12. Having studied three foreign languages in my life, I claim a highly developed ability to find meaning in what others see as gibberish, so I think what he’s trying to say is, “Must WHAT be what?” (Seriously)

  13. Does it really matter what he really said? Every person that is able to see & hear can tell that Biden is on his last mental leg. It isn’t funny, not cute & not Joe being Joe.It is a person who appears to have a rapidly advancing form of dementia. I am not a doctor, but I have had 3 family members go through the same thing. The people who are his handlers should be ashamed. We know that will not happen. I despise his climber wife for allowing this shambolic display to continue.

  14. “My butts been wet!”
    At this stage Denwit Joe can only focused on if he does a #1 or #2. He could care less about being pResident.

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