Biden’s Bruise – “How Did He Get It?” – IOTW Report

Biden’s Bruise – “How Did He Get It?”

Wrong answers (perhaps they are right answers) only—

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  1. Puddin Brain ate a dozen Viagra then wanted to get frisky with Jill. She said “Not now FUZZNUTS I have a headache”. She then gave him a prize fighter type punch in the face.

  2. If it didn’t kill him… I don’t really care. He is a piece of shit commie pedo, and I hope it hurt. fjb, fkm, fuck all democrats, liberals, progressives, degenerates, etc.

  3. Tripped over his bestiality dog again.
    Not a bruise, it’s a shit stain, from kissing Obola’s ass.
    The difference between a brown noser and a shithead?
    Depth perception.


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