Biden’s Non-Binary Nuclear Energy Specialist Is Accused of Stealing Baggage Out of Airport – IOTW Report

Biden’s Non-Binary Nuclear Energy Specialist Is Accused of Stealing Baggage Out of Airport

This guy is a mess.


A non-binary Biden administration nuclear official accused of stealing a woman’s suitcase from the Minneapolis airport allegedly emptied out the clothes and used the bag for a month — despite insisting it was picked up by accident.

Sam Brinton — one of the federal government’s first gender non-binary officials — allegedly snatched the $2,325 Vera Bradley suitcase from baggage claim at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport back on Sept. 16, court documents say.

When Brinton, who uses they/them pronouns, was confronted by police nearly a month later, they initially denied stealing the bag — insisting their clothes were inside the suitcase at the time.

But Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy, quickly backtracked and claimed they had taken the piece of luggage by mistake.

Brinton told police they first realized the bag wasn’t theirs when they opened it at the hotel, according to the court filing.

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  2. Gender confusion aside, why do we need a “nuclear energy specialist”? We haven’t even considered building a nuclear power plant for at least 40 years, thanks to progressives.

  3. @TonyR
    that freak’s job is to destroy the 1000 years worth of American energy stored in the Thorium they mined for the Manhattan project over 70 years ago.
    Rather than turn that into safe nuclear energy using the molton salt reactor design they would rather spend millions of dollars worth of energy to destroy it.

  4. I would like to see a post with this type of photo teaser but only the lady commentors should opine. Us guys just can’t bring the hammer on this one lol

  5. C’mon, They! Surely this is another example of Russian Disinformation! I’ll bet there are at least 51 former play dogs who are willing, ready and able to vouch for this They Thing’s honesty. It’s obviously a simple case of mistaken baggage identification. Who amongst us hasn’t almost innocently walked off with some woman’s bag and wanted to borrow it for a few months? Perhaps They needed to borrow a pair of panties or some hosiery. I reckon They will be more intimately familiar with being a submissive puppy after he does some time in the Men’s Kennel. Bow wow.

  6. If you have $2,325.00 suitcase you should probably fly on your own private jet so it doesn’t get stolen. I wouldn’t want it back after it has been defiled by that mentally ill deviant. 🤮 I don’t even know who Vera Bradley. My money was spent on a much more useful and beautiful “fashion” item by Beretta today.

  7. Words cannot describe what a repulsive, worthless, clearly evil faggot piece of shit Brinkman is. And I’ll bet this turdpunching scumbag won’t even lose his security clearance over this felony. That’s what a fucked up, evil, and reprehensible rigged system we live under now.

  8. When I was a kid you couldn’t get any job on an American military installation pumping gas at the PX gas station unless you were bond able. Neither of these two would have made the cut.

  9. Is that They’s own hair.
    Note, spill check doesn’t even have the word ‘They’s’ yet. Must be a fake word?
    Bring back the rubber rooms.

  10. There is such a thing as a 2300 dollar suitcase? I’ve bought automobiles I drove hundreds of thousands of miles for that. Less than that.

  11. ^^^^^^ Yes there is. And who ever owned it should be able to travel at will with out the Freak Of The Weak trying to steal it
    These two were put in their respective positions for one reason. To demoralize conservatives. Probably by order from HQ. China.

  12. What I read is that it was a $300.00 suit case with $2,000.00 of clothes and other stuff in it. Still a felony no matter what.

  13. Even at a 300 dollar suitcase with 2000 dollars worth of shit in it, it would have to be a Pelican case full of tools. I have plenty of those.

  14. Conservative Cowgirl,

    Nice fashion choice. Berreta’s are very nice lookers.

    I accent it up a bit with Benchmade or Spyderco.
    Mostly black handles with either Stainless for jeans or Mate Black Blades for nicer occasions.
    I hate going out & having shitty cutlery for a Ribeye.

  15. Erik, do you think that fucking shithead would take a Pelican case full of tools? I hate the TRAITOROUS BASTARDS in this administration. How have we as a nation gotten to the point that this is even remotely acceptable?

  16. Brad, no. The faggot stole the shit. Whatever it was. But I can’t fit 2000 dollars of anything into a suitcase but a couple T-Berd 2209s, or 10 Dynatel 965DSPs.

  17. I only have one Dynatel 965, so I’d have to pack up the suitcase with my Leeds And Northrup Wheatstone Bridge. Still not getting near 2000 dollars. I do have two T-Berds, though. The regular T1 set, and a PRI set.

    Nobody really needs more than one Dynatel 965. That set does tone, loss, TDR, and all the other shit. Even a bridge. Though not quite as accurate as the Leeds and Northrup as a bridge.

    I’ll throw in a BA-145 just for giggles.

  18. There is no such thing as a transexual. Those two idiots are transvestites. They are simply men wearing women’s clothes. Nothing more, nothing less.

  19. Dood’s got a penis head and he thinks shaving it bald makes it bettah ?!

    “Dood, put a raincoat on it!”


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