Biden’s Park Service Planning Grand Canyon Trophy Hunt Of Buffalo

Washington Examiner

A dozen American bison, targeted in a highly unusual Biden administration-backed trophy hunt in iconic Grand Canyon National Park, could live another day if a group of animal wellness organizations upset with the β€œculling” gets its way.

In a fight for the national symbol that also drew attention to the administration’s indifference to animals, a Colorado land trust has offered to join the bison with a herd it cares for on 25,000 acres. More

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  1. @Not me — On the other hand, the whole point of a herd cull is to prevent the old and weak members from experiencing long, lonely, painful death by starvation or predation.

    I say it would be more satisfying to increase environmental pressures on the Biden herd and NOT have a cull.

    But your idea has merit, too, and I could be wrong.

  2. Now that is weird. But then again they hate the hell out of Wild Mustangs.
    And Lowell’s right. That’s not Spot and Stalk it’s Drive up And Kill.

  3. Lemme guess — Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, and Jeff Bezos all want trophy heads on their walls, right? Whaddya wanna bet it’s all something like that, and nothing to do with actual conservation.

  4. The optics of this are going to kick JOE right in the nuts, and thats the only part of his body that works. (as far as we know)

    They can’t just transport the bison to slaughter? Maybe they could invite field trips of children to watch buffalo getting shot.
    God, what idiots.

  5. Is there anything Beijing Biden doesn’t like to kill? The blood on his hands spans from the military, Kung Fu Flu treatments not allowed to be administered, innocent people left behind in Afghanistan and the list goes on.
    Every American should be outraged. 🀬

    Didn’t the media give Donald Trump Jr grief for going on hunting trips? πŸ€”

  6. Don’t be surprised when we find out the ChiComs are behind the Aussie crackdown. Taiwan is small potatoes, China needs Australia. They have land, natural resources, and no ability to protect themselves without the USA. Biden is in the ChiComs pocket, Australia might be fucked.

  7. if the aussies want to go hot, they’re gonna have to do it real quick. Maybe those const workers can figure out what to do with blasting caps and dynamite.

  8. If there weren’t an organization that wanted to take the dozen bison to their facilities I’d say go for it.
    I’m sure the few hunters would be randomly picked from a hat. sarc

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