Sometimes the seasons get quite obnoxious with each other when it’s time for the annual handoff. Watch

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  1. I live in North Texas and it’s basically a one day switch from hot humid Summer to cool Fall. Nothing gradual about it. Yesterday morning was 79 degrees rising to 98 in the afternoon, and today it was 60 in the morning and never got hotter than 83. That’s the switch, and it won’t be hot again until next May or June.

  2. I recognize that guy but I can’t place him. Anyway, summer is nice if I’m recreating, otherwise spring and fall are my favorite seasons for just general life. I’ve never really been able to lay on a beach in the sun, I’m not too fond of long walks on a beach either. Good thing my wife loves me the way I am, even if I’m not the perfect guy. At this point in our lives summer gets too hot for her too.

  3. The west coast boyz just need to post on anything that might be like hanging laundry. and therefore you get them….

  4. just enjoy each day as it comes … no need to bitch about today when tomorrow you’ll be wishing for it

    imo, fwiw … summer is much more tolerant than winter


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