September 22, 2021 Dr. Tar 11

Sometimes the seasons get quite obnoxious with each other when it’s time for the annual handoff. Watch

Midwest Nice-Off

April 28, 2021 Dr. Tar 12

Things aren’t always so “nice” in suburban Midwest and spring seems to bring out the kindest cuts of all. Watch

Targeting Husbands

February 12, 2020 Dr. Tar 26

Ever wonder if there are any other guys out there in the parking lot waiting and waiting for their spouse to finish her shopping at her favorite store? Well, there’s [Read More]

Midwest Driving School

December 13, 2019 Dr. Tar 16

I’ve been looking around lately for a Midwest version of “Its a Southern Thing” channel on YouTube and I think I’ve found it. Well, it’s Wisconsin to the core anyway. With [Read More]