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Targeting Husbands

Ever wonder if there are any other guys out there in the parking lot waiting and waiting for their spouse to finish her shopping at her favorite store? Well, there’s hope, in a new support group. Watch

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  1. My husband rarely goes to target with me but when he does I’m in and out in a flash because he’s waiting. But I dread when he wants to go to Costco with me. We have to stop and wait for all the food sample ladies and go up and down every aisle and marvel at the lifetime supply packages of batteries and the power washers and hydraulic lifts ( or whatever those things are) in the “tool” aisle. It’s the only place he’ll actually look at the clothes and shoes. And forget about the cooky candy and snack selections. I’d rather go to Home Depot with him.

  2. Funnyish but;

    Real men don’t go shopping.

    They only go to:
    1) hardware stores (also auto parts)
    2) butcher shops
    3) liquor & beer runs
    4) Gun, Archery, & Outdoor stores
    5) Barber shop (no hipster beard salon or hairdresser)

    Shopping for clothes is once every 4 years and limited to 1 hour including drive time.


    Still have Testes

  3. Won’t take my (one and only female) wife near the place and she has no interest in going. They wanted to be SJW’s on their own dime? Well, that was their bizness. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  4. I drop my daughter off at Target while I go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. I always felt useless whenever my wife would go shopping especially for clothes and especially underwear and such. I’d try to pretend that I wasn’t there and hide while she was shopping. But she was a much better handyman than I am so going to the hardware store wasn’t too bad. And you know why there are no Walmarts in the Middle East? Because they’re all Targets.

  5. don’t go to Tre Targe’ … though low, I have my standards

    & I do wait for She Who Must Be Obeyed in the parking lot now & then … about 2/3rd’s of my shopping experience is spent in the parking lot … usually w/ Chris Plante or Limbaugh on the radio w/ the volume up & the window down … just to piss off the ‘woke’ & ‘network’ w/ fellow ditto heads

    btw, my local hardware store (still a family operation since 1927; nail bins, plumbing fittings galore, stihl dealer, small & large engine repair, even left-handed thread nuts & bolts … & closed on Sunday) is where I go instead of Wal-Mart. I go to the local butcher shop about 2-3 times a month.

    … still use Wal-Mart as my haberdasher

  6. and … never minded at all shopping for feminine product for She Who Must Be Obeyed, or hold her purse

    people would look, ‘specially back-in-the-day. I’d just look back at ’em & say, “Yep, that’s right. I got me a woman! … you believe that? … got me a woman!”

    one funny time was when they needed a price-check for Tampons I was buying & the cashier yelled it out over the speaker … the stock boy thought she said ‘Thumbtacks’ & yelled back, “you want the kind you push in w/ your thumb, or the one’s you need to hammer in?”

  7. Funny…today was the first day since my first chemo round that I talked DH out of being my chauffeur. I got to gotothe grocery store all by myself. He offered to drive me and promised to wait in the car while I scrutinized all the vegies, fruits and cheeses. He knows he hustles me along too much.

    Told him I also needed to hit the Target next door to the grocery store for some Peds knee-highs. Hee, hee, That was the line that convinced him to stay home and work on taxes.


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