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“Just Keep’er Moving” – Down On the Cranberry Farm

While Wisconsin is know for dairy, we also grow a lot of cranberries. Given that it’s fall and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, time to see where those things they cram into the can and call a “sauce” for you family table comes from. Watch

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  1. Funny and interesting. Now I have to learn more about cranberry growing.

  2. Who knew Wisconsinites sound like Canadians? Must be the bog life.

    Mmmm. Cranberry and turkey sammiches with mayo – crushed in a paper bag for four hours.

  3. …sometime when it’s not dinner time, I’ll have to tell everyone about the regulatory tolerances for things like rat droppings and insect parts in such operations as this, but you get bigger and funner things in your food when you get crops with a combine harvester…

  4. Are cranberries going to be legal this year?

  5. …well, I thought about it and everyone here could probably stand to lose a few pounds, so here’s how much of “extra” that is OK to be in your delicious meal, Bon Appétit…

    (When you get down to the food names, scroll right to see the tolerable mold count and crunchy insect bits, yum yum…)


    …life ain’t perfect, and processed products, doubly so…

  6. Cranberry Orange Soft Top cookies are pretty yummy. A box of them found their way into my shopping cart an hour ago.

  7. That was funny. Where have I seen that guy before?

  8. @Jimmy – They all sound like Yoopers to me.

  9. I didn’t know that about Wisconsin. Having grown up in New England, I thought cranberries came from Cape Cahd and the surrounding area. But now I, too, am going to have to do some research on cranberries.

  10. Hehe, they sound like Northern Minnesotans, dontcha know?!

  11. Claudia, you’re right. Being from Northern Minnesota I’ve seen thousands of those guys. I knew he looked and sounded familiar.

  12. An old fashioned wooden cranberry rake from Cape Cod serves as the magazine rack in my powder room.

    @Jimmy. Add some day old stuffing to that sandwich and you get ‘The Day After’ sandwich. I like it more than the thanksgiving meal itself.

  13. Stop it, PHenry!! I have chicken and grandberry in the fridge and huge crescents in a bag on the shelf. Don’t make me go in there!

    So I learned about “Yoopers” from Different Tim… also from merriam-webster.com:

    “Definition of Yooper:
    a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan —used as a nickname

    Did You Know?

    The word Yooper comes from the common nickname of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula-the “U.P.”-and the etymology requires the same follow-up question that a challenging joke does: “Get it?” If you’re not there yet, try saying them both out loud: Yooper, U.P. Yoopers have been saying both out loud now for about 40 years, but it’s only in recent years that those beyond the U.P. and its geographical neighbors have begun to encounter Yooper in use. Yoopers refer to people who live in the Lower Peninsula as “trolls” (they live “under” the Mackinac Bridge, after all), but that nickname is still at this point too regional for entry in our dictionaries.

    First Known Use of Yooper:
    1975, in the meaning defined above”

    That makes Claudia a “Troll!!!” 😀

  14. You all know you dun it at the pump house, at least twice….gowan, admit it…..or there ain’t an honest bohonk amongst youse….

  15. I just unsubbed from his channel. He’s a libtard.

    Yours in Patriotism,

    Barack Obama’s Dead Fly


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