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“Do you know the people in your neighborhood?”

I’m not sure Mr. Rogers would want these guys on his street, but when the folks next door come out for a little social time with each other, the banter is comedy gold. Watch

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  1. OT
    There’s some video of a gym reopening in New Jersey in defiance of Governor Murphy. Some patrol cars pull up and are met in the parking lot by members. There’s some BMF’s (big mother fuckers) in the crowd. The cops split. It’s on Instagram but they are locked accounts so I can’t share the video. It’s awesome. If anybody else runs across the video be sure and post it.

  2. I love the Holderness Family! They are so entertaining and talented and usually spot on! I should have known they would be friends with that Manitowoc Minute guy!

  3. JD, thanks for the link. I was watching the news of their opening but had to leave for work wondering how it would turnout. About as well as could be expected I guess. No cuffs or arrests is a plus. Hopefully it will catch on. We’ve been good little ball players but it’s time to push back on the managers.


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