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RIP Eddie Haskell-

TMZ- Ken Osmond — famous for playing the smart-mouthed Eddie Haskell on the classic ’50s family TV series “Leave It To Beaver” — is dead … TMZ has confirmed.

The actor died Monday at his home in Los Angeles, surrounded by loved ones and family. His son, Eric, tells us, “He was an incredibly kind and wonderful father. He had his family gathered around him when he passed. He was loved and will be very missed.”

Ken began his acting career when he was only 9 years old, but he got his big break in 1957 when he was cast as Eddie Haskell on ‘Beaver’ opposite Jerry Mathers, who played the title character.

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  1. Who’s next? Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford died earlier this year. All of us boomers are getting to be old farts and geezers now and we’re losing all of our childhood TV stars. Soon we’ll all be history and no one will know or even care who Eddie Haskell was or make Beaver jokes anymore. TV was so much better back then than all the vulgar crap that passes for entertainment now. RIP Eddie Haskell! And remember when you could have a gay old time on the Flintstones and it wasn’t about queers.

  2. After running into Eddie several times down in LA traffic court in the mid eighties (He was a motor cop for LAPD and I was with the CHP), I got to know him a little bit; wicked sense of humor, an uncommon self awareness for an LAPD cop, and an all around good guy. It only took the first encounter to see that he genuinely like people and loved his job.

  3. geoff the aardvark
    Funny you mention the Flintstones, I’ve actually been watching them on MeTV instead of Sean Hannity, by six in the evening I’m usually done with news of any kind. RIP and God Bless Eddie. 🙏

  4. LITB
    Nov 27th, 1958
    4:20 PM Western Times
    Season 02 Episode 09
    “The Pipe”

    Beaver: Larry, you want to mess around later?

    Larry Mondello: I can’t, I’m grounded.

    Beaver: How come?

    Larry Mondello: My father caught me eating pie in bed.

    Mrs. Mondello: Things would be all right if my daughter could just find a husband. Then we’d always have a man around.

    Beaver: I could use my money, the twenty-five dollars I got in the bank.

    Wally Cleaver: I thought you were saving that to go to college.

    Beaver: Eddie says he never heard of a college you could go to for twenty-five dollars.

    June Cleaver: Eddie, would you care to stay for dinner? We’re having roast beef.

    Eddie Haskell: No thank you, Mrs. Cleaver. I really must be getting home. We’re having squab this evening. Your kitchen always looks so clean.

    June Cleaver: Why, thank you, Eddie.

    Eddie Haskell: My mother says it looks as though you never do any work in here.

    June Cleaver: Wally, where are you going?

    Wally Cleaver: I’m going over to slug Eddie.

    June Cleaver: That’s no way to talk, this is Sunday.

    Wally Cleaver: You’re right, I’ll wait ’til tomorrow.

    June Cleaver: Thank you dear

    Ward Cleaver: Besides, the neighbors might be watching.

    Fred Rutherford: Have to keep a firm hand on boys nowadays, Ward. My Clarence backtalked the other day. I smacked him right in the mouth. None of this psychology stuff for me.

  5. Back in Beaver’s day, you couldn’t yell the F-word without getting smacked in the head by your father, mother, neighbor, schoolteacher, etc.

    Now, you could probably hear somebody yelling in the Vatican, for St. Pete’s sake.

    We’re so liberated now. And our quality of life is so enhanced now that we can say it in polite company(sarcasm).

  6. I pity your generation. All your best memories are behind you.

    Now, my generation, Gen X AKA generation “how should I know? F*ck off” did it the other way around. Punk rock taught us everything sucked.

    So…. every year since then has just gotten better and better since relatively few of us died from kepone poisoning, flesh eating zombies and televised evangelicals.

    Crush those dreams early, kids. Adult you will have a blast.


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