Obama Puts Aside The Usual Platitudes In Televised Commencement Speech, Criticizes Administrations Wu Flu Response – IOTW Report

Obama Puts Aside The Usual Platitudes In Televised Commencement Speech, Criticizes Administrations Wu Flu Response

Denver Post

Former President Barack Obama on Saturday criticized U.S. leaders overseeing the nation’s response to the coronavirus, telling college graduates in an online commencement address that the pandemic shows many officials “aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

Obama spoke on “Show Me Your Walk, HBCU Edition,” a two-hour event for students graduating from historically black colleges and universities broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. His remarks were unexpectedly political, given the venue, and touched on current events beyond the virus and its social and economic impacts. More

18 Comments on Obama Puts Aside The Usual Platitudes In Televised Commencement Speech, Criticizes Administrations Wu Flu Response

  1. He’s not Black, he’s not American, he’s not a college graduate, he’s not married to a woman…in short he’s nothing, and he knows it better than any of us.

  2. Q. What will the class of 2025 have that the class of 2020 won’t?
    A. A former President they can look up to.

  3. The only thing Obama demonstrated in his speech is what a petty, jealous man-child he still is. I’m sure Trump’s retaliatory comment must have really infuriated Obama who is well known for his thin skin. He can always take a trip to Crawford TX for some consolation.

  4. Go crawl back in your hole, you feckless lump of bilge.

  5. As usual, it’s all about him. Forget about the graduates in the audience who just busted their asses for a degree (progtard studies degrees excepted). He just bitches and moans because it’s coming out what a turd world, banana republic piece of shit el presidente he was. Fuck him and his butt ugly tranny wife.

  6. Never listen to a Master Marxist Projectionist.

    NEVER ever…

  7. Go burn in Hell tranny humper.


  8. He has shamed his race and he just keeps blabbering about himself. Go away…

  9. A “Rat Fuck “ has to be a “Rat Fuck” !

  10. Such a nice, intelligent man.
    And I mean that in an Eddie Haskell way.

  11. Backstabbing from a dirty backstabber. I hope that Durham
    gets him on the stand and skins him like a catfish.

  12. He’s just super sensitive these days.
    It was recently ‘unmasked’ that this privileged, Affirmative Action do-nothing loser has always loved the fisted black-power sign. Not for representing his fellow brethren’s struggle but because it fits especially nice that way up his bunghole.
    So, yeah. Super sensitive.
    The boy just can’t help it.

  13. Heel, Barky.

    President Trump shut down travel between the U.S. and China, the source of the virus, ten days after the first case was found in the U.S., and ONE day after the WHO finally announced it was transmissible human-to-human and declared a “health emergency” but not yet a pandemic.

    How long did it take you to shut down travel between the U.S. and Mexico, the source of the H1N1 virus? That’s a trick question: you didn’t. You made no effort to stop the spread of H1N1 into the U.S.

    Sit, Barky. Play dead.

  14. One of the pigs from Animal Farm busted out of the pen.🤨

  15. It says it all that this scumbag is so concerned with impressing teenagers.

  16. This from a black president who did absolutely nothing to help HBCUs. Ironically, a white president made it one of his priorities to fund HBCUs which is now law. For the left, that’s a black eye. Pun intended.
    Sure, as conservatives, federally funding HBCUs is not considered fiscally responsible, but President Trump is by nature politically moderate. He just sees funding HBCUs as a way to help black Americans.
    Barry the Marxist/narcissist could care less about black Americans. Black liberals and leftist still believe Barry, who lies to their faces is benevolent.


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