F’in’ Elf on the Shelf – IOTW Report

F’in’ Elf on the Shelf

Charle Berens is back with some pretty good production value to this bit of Christmas satire. Watch

7 Comments on F’in’ Elf on the Shelf

  1. Saw the title and thought for sure it was going to be a Fauci thing.
    Then I remembered, he’s an evil gnome, not an elf.

    But seriously, that video was hilarious 😆

  2. Gosh. I don’t know what to do. Should I wait for Brad to tell me to shoot the damn elf in the face like he did in another thread?

  3. Immortal Fish
    Alcohol is not your friend key board warrior. You need to check out some testosterone treatments pal. You envy is sickening. And no, I don’t want you as a pal.

  4. Eleanor put an “Elf In The Sarcophagus” at Hyde Park in April 1945. It would be 30 years before the creepy custom would catch on worldwide.

  5. That was funny!
    The first time since this stupid thing with moving it around the house I’ve liked elf on a shelf.

    Some lighthearted fun is a good thing.


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