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The Midwest Goodbye

As you travel to the relative’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner it would be wise to begin the process of departing before even arriving at your destination if you’re headed to the Midwest. Otherwise, you might end up in a “Twighlight Zone” situation like this poor fellow from Boston. Watch

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  1. Kansas must be on the west outskirts of the midwest. Nobody invites me over, but they do deliver a plate of Thanksgiving dinner every year…..Kansas folks don’t seem to believe much in seasoning the turkey, mashed pertaters, stuffing or gravy and they cook the living shit out of it. My dogs seem to like it, however. Hasn’t made them sick yet…..Jello concotions are not limited by any creative boundries and my dogs won’t eat that shit at all, even with gravy, few can….

  2. Hiya willy
    May I join the club?
    Nobody invited me too.
    Steak or Fowl?
    Think I am Steak today because I ate the turkey a few days ago.
    Wish I had some of them taters though.
    I do have onions.
    Steak n Taters n onions n carrots n crackers

    Mash it up
    Encase within

    Hey Ya mickey!

  3. The last two years of Biden has been a twilight Zone experience.
    At a distance I see a blinding light at the end of the tunnel, I’m uncertain whether it’s the Biden train of communism coming to run me over or can I see the end of his demented policies and a new era undoing everything he has done to destroy our Nation, States and families.
    I suspect there’s another two years of communist policies and more corruption out of his Administration than this nation has ever seen.

  4. @cato “At a distance I see a blinding light at the end of the tunnel”

    That’s most probably the light from a collapsing neutron star as We are sucked into a black hole of darkness. We are at the event horizon right now and things will speed up/slow down, depending on how one looks at it, but either way it doesn’t look like We have enough “Power” to pull away from it. ….Hopefully the other side will be filled with Light.

  5. @willysgoatgruff: I don’t eat anything that someone drops off at my house. Don’t care what it is. I cringe at the sight of a car parked along the side of the road that says “TAMALES.” I don’t know where they live, what their kitchen looks like, how the prepared it. I have visions of Chipolte poisoning on steroids. Worse than Montezuma’s revenge or the Tijuana Trots. Neighbor gave me some venison soup a while back…gag a maggot…the smell alone was enough to make me hurl. It got dumped out at the back forty.

  6. The never-ending goodbyes are the same in Texas, just with a different accent. When my grandparents were still alive, we would always laugh at how they would follow us to our car and literally hang on to the door handle as we were trying to back out of the driveway. After they passed away, my mother started doing the same thing. I kinda miss that now.

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