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Midwest Nice-Off

Things aren’t always so “nice” in suburban Midwest and spring seems to bring out the kindest cuts of all. Watch

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  1. We have that here in California as well, but a bit nuanced, my neighbors rummage through my trash to separate the recycles. They leave boxes of face masks on my porch late at night, and they keep bringing over vegetables from their garden in an effort to curtail me grilling up more cow parts in the back yard on the weekends. And they offered to give me one of their spare “Black Lives Matter” signs for my front yard. They really care about me.

  2. My neighbors don’t reciprocate very often. But I gave some homemade chocolates to a neighbor lady once and she responded with her butterscotch fudge. Mmmm. We’ve been friends ever since.

    You gotta know what people like! I used to trade homegrown butternut squash for my neighbor’s fresh caught Dungeness crab. Now, THAT’s a good trade.

  3. Funny video. There’s all types of Midwest. Nobody talks like that in the Central Midwest – Missouri, Michigan, Illinois (Chicago has its own dialect), Indiana and Ohio regions.
    The Upper Midwest is mostly predominant German, Scandinavian origin, while the Central Midwest is dominated by an Irish, English with some German and Italian culture.
    Sharing niceties in Central Midwest states are usually more direct and sometimes based on if you’re in a good mood.
    The skit did get that passive aggressive underline hostility trait right, thought.


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