NYC Metro Transit Authority Spent $1.5 Million on Flood Pumps Nobody Knew How to Use

Clarion News:
The New York City metro public transportation company spent $1.5 million on pump trucks to mitigate flooding, but none of its personnel got trained to operate them so they just sat parked for years with no maintenance, according to the watchdog agency that oversees the state-owned company.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bought the 12 trailer-mounted diesel pumps in 2018 with money from a federal grant meant to help the city mitigate flooding. The pumps could have proven handy just three weeks ago, when remnants of Hurricane Ida caused flash flooding that killed 49 in the New York-New Jersey area. But the pumps have stood idle because MTA personnel hasn’t been properly trained on how to run them, even though MTA paid for the training, according to a recent report by the MTA Inspector General (pdf).

The report said responsible employees and administrators knew nobody was taking care of the equipment, but didn’t do anything about it. more here

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  1. Yeah, sounds like the DC METRO punks back when I was at Bell.

    DC METRO was top to bottom dipshits.

    And after I left Bell I did some weekend work for a cooling tower company, again for DC METRO. We re-worked a cooling tower by the Navy Yard. The Metro cats showed up in beautiful new Metro trucks complete with diesel welders.

    We all climbed into the tower and what we saw was woeful. The spray nozzles had all come off and the water jets put huge holes in the wet deck. And of course the sump was absolutely full of decking and filth.

    I asked the clowns about the nozzles and they laughed, “We never come up here!”

    “But you are the cooling tower crew!”


    What a bunch of worthless pukes.

    The tower needed all new decking, nozzles, the sump cleaned out, tarred, the shivs were all fucked from lack of lubrication, and they all needed new belts. I think one of the motors was shot on that job, too.

  2. Quite so. Metro had/has a DC-wide Cooling Tower Crew who never even look in the towers. They wait for an inspector to say, “This tower is hosed, contract out repairs.”

    So the taxpayers pay for the Metro Tower Crew, and they are highly paid, and pay for the repairs in lieu of maintenance.

  3. @Eric

    I spent a whole summer cleaning cooling towers for a chiller company for exactly the same reason that you said. Washing the towers “was Beneath them”.


  4. $1.5 Million is chump change in NYC.
    Follow the money and you’ll discover corruption.
    Somebody connected sold the pumps AND the worthless “training.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Meh. The Mayor of NOLA, CANTrell, is a carpetbagger from out of state, election funded by Soros. And she is a card carrying Communist. And she won’t wear a mask but forces everyone else to wear one.

    She got hundreds of millions from the Fedl Gummint to replace the broken flood pumps that NOLA uses to pump out the city during heavy rains and hurricanes. There even was money to increase the pumping capacity. But not one single pump was ever bought and no one knows where the money went!

    Even after the Democrat Louisiana Governor, Gov Ackbar, ended mask mandates and restaurant lockdowns, NOLA Mayor CANTrell deliberately continued them, forcing hundreds of local businesses and restaurants into bankruptcy. There are credible rumors that Mayor CANTrell is taking money from out of state commercial real estate & vulture capital interests so that these companies can buy up shuttered French Quarter businesses for pennies on the dollar.

    The foundation of Socialism always rests on Corruption, Incompetence, Greed & Crime


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