Prosecution in Rittenhouse Case on the Ropes Already

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  1. Lets make a deal with these asshole that are pushing to see young Kyle executed. If we win, we execute them. After all, might happen anyway. Only seems fair.

  2. The same people that stole the last election, that opened up the borders to invasion, that foisted a phony pandemic to cow the masses into submission, that gleefully refuse to apply the law without prejudice and will not rest until any opposition to their scheme is unarmed, unprotected and silenced, these same people want Kyle locked up, embarrassed and made a lesson of.

    Make no mistake, there will be jury tampering, exculpatory evidence buried, even witness intimidation plied. Every dirty trick in the book will be exercised, this trial and the message it will send is that important. Chauvin, Zimmerman, even Weinstein, if he ever sees the inside of a courtroom, all are ancillary and subordinate to Kyle being found guilty.

    We are being bleed, concessions by a thousand cuts, but Kyle going to prison just might be the point of no return.

  3. I happen to know Kyle and I know he’s a good kid. I’ve been feeling like he was gonna get a raw deal I have to say this makes me feel better he doesn’t deserve this and neither does the country

  4. Hey Bob, go back to diddling yourself watching your mama and her pimp in “action”. This is the best Rambo you ever be. Fuck you.

  5. Bob, sitting in his trailer outside las Vegas , beer in one hand, his joystick in the other wearing a wife beater and underwear screaming “Those buffoons on IOTW are gonna feel my wrath.”

  6. If someone had a long record of convictions for bank robbery and was again on trial for bank robbery, his record old convictions would not be admissible during the trial. Sentencing phase maybe, trial no.

    Isn’t the defence entitled to see prosecution evidence during discovery? The prosecution is not allowed to drop bombshells during the trial. The fact that FBI evidence is announced at the 11th hour is disgusting. As was said in the video, none of this was used against any of the rioters.

    The prosecution needs to be careful — the defence could demand to see all the video, not just what the prosecution wants to show. (Instead of showing that Kyle had instigated the earlier confrontation, it might show that the other guy, in fact, started it,) There was a case a few years ago where video from The First 48 was used in atrial. The defence wanted to see all the video was taken. However, unused video had been erased. As I recall, the prosecution could not use any of the existing video.

    It sounds like a conspiracy theory to say that those shot were on the FBI payroll. However, the FBI seems to be going out of its way to show that they are worse than any of us could even imagine.

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