Bill Clinton Blames Everyone Else For His Wife’s Woes

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Former President Bill Clinton blamed Republicans who hope to undercut his wife’s presidential chances and a voracious political news media uninterested in substance for the furor surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a private email account and server while she was secretary of state.

“I have never seen so much expended on so little,” Mr. Clinton said in a taped interview with Fareed Zakaria that is scheduled to be shown Sunday on CNN. The network released excerpts on Saturday afternoon.

“She said she was sorry that her personal email caused all this confusion,” Mr. Clinton said.

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15 Comments on Bill Clinton Blames Everyone Else For His Wife’s Woes

  1. Hey Slick Willie, STFU and go shove a cigar up your ass, nobody gives a shit what you think. Why does anyone still report on this serial woman molester? 😡

  2. Placing the blame is easy, and obvious except to the deceitful: H-Rod’s email setup and use was criminally stupid.

    Well, I suppose an alternate explanation would be that she was stupidly criminal.

  3. You can trust me when I say it’s all Bush’s fault. Now, repeat after me:


  4. Give Bill a break. He’s pretty upset about seeing his chance’s at getting back into the WH intern’s slipping away with each front page story of his wife’s criminal activities. Hell, he even bought a new box of cigars and some wet-wipes for his first week in an orifice there. Poor, old fella.

  5. Yeah Bill, we all know how the Repubs are all in cahoots with ABC CBS NBC MSNBC CNN NYTimes LATimes MotherJones Salon. You don’t have to remind us.

  6. Yes Bill you are correct. Those evil right wing Republicans created that DNA on the teenage WH intern’s blue dress and forced her to be a humidor for your cigars. If only you treated Hillary with respect she may not be saddled with zero sell esteem and not prone to story telling and lying.

  7. You know something? This Bill and Hillary stuff has gotten old after 25 years. To the Clintons: Here’s an open invitation to just go up in smoke.

    One more thing: Has the Pope left America yet or is there another little farm town gonna do a 2 hour gala for him? Enough already.

  8. ENOUGH ALREADY……shut it, Slick…..and slap the snot out of that bull dyke wife of yours….tell your horse-faced daughter to go deep into hiding for the rest of her unnatural life…you criminals will have your Karma and then some brought down on you….

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