bitterclinger contest winners

bitterclinger has chosen the winners of the Bernie Sanders secret service code name game.

Honorable mentions to MJA with “Bernacle” and Illustr8r with “Efferdent.”
2nd Runner-up: Diogenes — “Red Menace”
1st Runner -up: Even Steven — “Depends”
And the winner is…..

Winner: Willysgoatgruff — “Mothballs”
Thanks to all our players.  You may pick up your participation trophies at the iOTWReport courtesy desk in the lobby.
(Willy, contact BFH at

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  1. WOW…HA HA HA…I just thought that if you stood next to Bernie you’d smell mothballs and well used lavender toilet water…memories from my youth….Thank you!….great comments from everyone…I still chuckle….Oh boy, that was fun…

  2. Hey, neat! Any time my name is not included within a sentence full of cuss words is a good time in my book.

    Congratulations, Willysgoatgruff !

  3. Congratulations to willysgoatgruff and the runners up!

    Waaaaaaaaaa, where’s my free IOTWR bucks and Feel The Bern phone, Bernie Stamps, free Bernie housing, kollage edjumakation, vacation from doing nothing?

  4. Old, old joke….”Have you ever smelled mothballs?”….”why yes I have”…”How’d you get your nose between their little leg?”….

  5. Congratulations everyone! Even Steven. I apologize for what looked like I stole your “Depends.” ? I scrolled down in the comments really fast without reading them all because I didn’t want someone to beat me to the punch. But you did! I learned my IOTWReport lesson.

  6. “from now on, your Delta Tau Chi name in …..Mothball”

    …I didn’t know Bernie went to Faber College

  7. Great job, top dogs (and goat)! Those were all funny.

    Mothballs remind me of Woolworth’s. The one in my town always smelled like them.

  8. Agreed Diogenes!
    In fact, Willysgoatgruff spread a nasty rumor that I was dropping out of the contest when I was simply going home for some wool socks and tequila.
    I actually would have won but MJA took all my default votes!

  9. I leave town for one day, and you host the single most awesome

    contest of My lifetime….

    I submit under feigned protest

    Doom Papa Mao Mao

    Trey Gowdy will be involved….and sure as shit nothing will


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