Black Lives…

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  1. I remember hearing if republicans got 15% of the black vote they would win national election. Democrats full panic mode

  2. Skin color means nothing: just look at a good guy like this, and then look at a polished turd like obama.

    Racism is b.s., no matter who it comes from. Shit comes in all colors. Just look at hillary clinton.

    Ghettos create a lot of shit (al sharpton, anyone?) Corrupt governments create just as much shit (maxine waters, anyone?)

  3. Can we get an “OK” sign here, instead of a “Thumbs Up”? It certainly would trigger the trolls.

    And @You Know What I Mean, I guess this means that for once, there will actually be suppression of the black vote…just not by Republicans.

  4. Trump is going to blow the pantsuit off of the democrats in 2020! (just like he did to satin’s grandmother in 2016!)


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