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MLB Threatens End To 42 Minor League Teams

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Last week during the Winter Meetings, negotiations between Major League Baseball and the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues (a.k.a, the minors) regarding the next Professional Baseball Agreement grew contentious. MLB has proposed eliminating 42 minor league teams when the PBA expires next year and, understandably, minor league clubs are not happy.

“Major League Baseball has been and will remain flexible in its negotiating position,” commissioner Rob Manfred said during the Winter Meetings. “I hope that Minor League Baseball, which has taken the position that they’re not willing to discuss anything but the status quo or any changes that would provide for upgrades in adequate facilities — better working conditions for our players — that they move off the take-it-or-leave-it status quo approach and come to the table and try to make a deal.”   More

The minor league’s response Here

8 Comments on MLB Threatens End To 42 Minor League Teams

  1. Something seems a little strange about MLB willing to remove the possibility of working at all away from people if working conditions don’t get better.

    No I don’t want to see people abused, but baseball players are doing something that they love with a chance of making a ton of money if they make they majors. It’s not as though they are working in a meat packing plant.

  2. Waiting for POTUS comments on this one in …1…2….3…

    He loves sports, ain’t gonna happen now, maybe in the future but not now.

    He could start he OWN league in his retirement?

  3. I really don’t know anything about this but if Major league baseball is banking minor league and they don’t want it anymore then what is the problem? Maybe somebody can explain it to us. Also, can minor league exist on its own revenue?

  4. I’m afraid that I’m not following this closely, if at all. But……
    If most of the MLB “majors” players come up from the minors, then why is the MLB trying to cut the throat of the minors?

  5. Couldn’t read the story because private browsing was turned on but based on the comments and what little there was in the teaser that MLB has hired some NFL/NBA head office people and we all know how good a job they do in enhancing their sports.


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