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Black Lives Matter Group Blows $26,000 at Luxury Resort


Leah has been all over this. The folks behind Black Lives Matter are living off the hog quite well. They’re buying mansions left and right. Granted, it’s not all the leaders, but it’s raised the eyebrows of local BLM leaders who now want to know how the movement is spending the money. The main focal point of BLM’s real estate extravaganza is Patrisse Cullors. Before the latest expenditure, let’s go through what’s been revealed thus far:

After a report came out that Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors bought a $1.4 million home last month in a secluded area of California where less than 2 percent of the population is black, critics accused her of being a fraud and ‘selling her people out.’ Now we’re learning that the Topanga Canyon home was one of three she owns in the Los Angeles area, in addition to the Georgia abode Cullors and her spouse bought last year.

The New York Post described the purchases as a “real estate-buying binge” totaling $3.2 million.

The Topanga Canyon homestead has two houses on a quarter acre of land with canyon views, while the Georgia property near Atlanta is a “custom ranch” on 3.2 acres and has a private airplane hanger, indoor pool, and “RV shop.”

Yeah, that’s pretty odd for a socialist and she’s not alone. Remember, Bernie Sanders has three homes. These socialists who want to spend everyone else’s money are doing quite well, huh? I have no issue with anyone making tons of cash—just stop pushing tax policy that codifies envy. If you are a trained Marxist, as Cullors and others describe themselves, then you cannot also be blowing tens of thousands of dollars at resorts for meetings. Isn’t that the polar opposite of what Karl would do? more here

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  1. Burrs Life Matters.

    I wonder how much ill gotten loot I could siphon from BLM due to lazy readers.

  2. I find it hard to believe that the majority of black people don’t see these cunts like Cullers for what they really are. My suspicion is that black democrat politics is basically a criminal syndicate driven by intimidation and violence. Blacks unlucky enough to live in the wrong areas basically have no choice of who to vote for. They vote for whom they’re told to vote for. Just like North Koreans have to compete for who cries the loudest when the next Kim Jong Fuk-Wad dies when they don’t really mean it, I think blacks in certain areas and situations have to show vocal support for the Black Syndicate, or they risk a beating or a “drive by shooting”.

    Seriously, it’s just not possible for this many people to be that fucking stupid.

  3. You’ll be waiting a long time if you’re waiting for black outrage at the profligacy of BLM honchos. Name me a “black leader” who doesn’t have at least two homes and an eight figure bank account. Equity, my white ass.

  4. Black politicians, black athletes, black show-biz types — they all like to flaunt the bling, wear the bling… it shows that they have ‘arrived’. Ostentation is the name of the game.

    So, 3 or 4 houses is no big deal, the bigger the better. Just to show that they will not take a back-seat to anyone.

  5. Sorry mule but they are in fact “that fucking stupid” Average IQ of blacks is 85.

    The military cuts off recruiting at 83 because it’s impossible to teach anyone any skill at any level that is not positively counter productive. That’s about 1 out of 10 people.

    Extrapolating that the military is comparatively as complex as our society as a whole, that means there are about 33 million people in our society that will NEVER pull their own weight and in a more shall we say, harsher environment, these people would be removed rather quickly from the gene pool.

    You think Idiocracy was fiction? It isn’t.

    Now lets look at a country, China, that males no bones about the race of the people that rule that country, the Han. And further it is a pure(almost) meritocracy. IOW, if you aren’t making your bones, you’re not moving on up.

    Tell me which country, especially when our current leaders are doing just about everything possible to hamstring us, has a brighter future.

    Not that I consider living under a communist, totalitarian system a “bright future” But the ruling elite there sure as fuck do. And they’re beyond ruthless.

  6. Someone once said: Once the people discover they can vote themselves gifts from the government, out republic is through.

    Someone else said: Central Banks and corporation will betray you mightily.

  7. My guess is that Patrisse was just breaking the ice for opening up the neighb for more American africans to populate. She a pioneer.

    And a profiteer.

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