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Berkeley Looking For A “Wellness And Environmental Coordinator”

Red State

These days, it seems, education is the process of acclimating to engineered cultural mores.

Furthermore, it’s a place of political and social consciousness.

Apropos, at the University of California Berkeley, they’re looking to hire a Wellness and Environmental Justice Coordinator.

The new staffer will be in charge of student environmental programs such as:

  • Wellness collaboration days
  • Meet-ups with Bay area QT+ (Queer, Transgender, Plus) and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) climate activists
  • Climate healing circles


16 Comments on Berkeley Looking For A “Wellness And Environmental Coordinator”

  1. “Climate healing circles” — Are those like crop circles?

    Or maybe traffic circles? Sewing circles? Whatever they are, they belong in the circular file.

  2. What a waste of time and energy not to mention money. Whether public or private, EVERYBODY involved in the creation of this needs to be fired with prejudice.

  3. Jelly, I’m applying as a 4 time Olympic champion and medal of honor winner.

    Reach for the stars my friend.

  4. Jelly, apply as a former astronaut who was seriously injured in a test flight.

    NASA rebuilt your legs and one arm…..also gave you some sort of robo eye at the astonishingly low low cost of 6 million dollars.

    You’re a shoe in.

  5. “Climate healing circles” – that’s where people sit in a circle and chant


    It’s very 60’s.

  6. The government provides you with the tools and resources you need for happiness and fulfillment. If you are not happy or fulfilled, you are unpatriotic and a social wrecker.

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