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Seattle axe-throwing venue gets approval to begin serving alcohol

My Northwest-

Capitol Hill axe-throwing venue Blade & Timber announced this week that it now has approval to begin serving alcohol beginning on April 30.

This makes Blade & Timber the first axe-throwing venue in Washington permitted to serve alcohol, following two years of petitioning the state Cannabis and Liquor Board. The first time the venue applied, it eventually withdrew “in order to compile data and develop 80-pages of safety documents before reapplying to receive the board’s approval.”

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20 Comments on Seattle axe-throwing venue gets approval to begin serving alcohol

  1. If you can’t drink and throw an ax or two what the hell is wrong with people. A couple of beers, followed up with trying to stick an ax in the bullseye sounds like a great way to kill an afternoon.

  2. We’ve had these places, including alcohol, for years in Nebraska.

    We also aren’t a bunch of dumbass liberal pussies that don’t know how to handle something sharp.

  3. I’ll wait until they open the bar/hand grenade venue in Seattle or Portland.

    Boys with Big Boy Pants gotta have fun too.

  4. I don’t drink, but I was at a bar a looong time ago and there was a dart board. People were walking back and forth in front of it while people were playing. lol. Sadly, I have nothing else to report about it. Some close calls, though.

  5. It I had an axe-throwing emporium, I’d have a fireplace, too. And I’d make the hurlers split some wood before they got to throw a perfectly good axe. Bunch of bearded, man-bunned posers, if you ask me.

  6. Apparently, we can’t race to the bottom fast enough.

    Sad to think how many can not account for their own ignorance and/or stupidity.

    The ASSHOLES in charge of the ‘educational system’ are anti-American….pure and simple.

    Prove me wrong!

  7. Axe throwing is a great sport.

    Right up there with midget tossing.

    Both are more fun when consuming alcohol.

  8. The bar will be full of local homo’s, walk-in drunk bums and spastic, emaciated Antifa kids on dope. I’ll wager BLM people won’t touch it. But expect lots of wall damage and many broken handles.

  9. Skeet and Beer for me, But I own the Fuckin land so who cares…

    Last time the coppers showed I gave them a Bud lite.

    Lite beer for shootin
    Regular for Barbecuein.

  10. It,s a great place to get scalped.
    I know right were it is.
    Watch the videos,the gals don,t have the power to stick the axe in wood. Plus many bars use plywood.
    Bounce and duck is what they should call them.
    $ 120.00 bucks an hour. I would pay less to chop wood.


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