Black Rifle Coffee Company Christmas Special

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  1. MJA its pretty good.
    Different “thickness” in the types.
    I like Gunship.
    If you need it bad try Murdered Out.

    Brad can probably “chime” in on his too.

  2. These guys have good commercials. They had one w a shot of girls in their underwear that was my favorite. Purely on basis of artistic creativity of course.

  3. After being very impressed and amused by their attitude and their commercials, I ordered two light roast coffees from them. I was disappointed and won’t be ordering again.

  4. Uncle Al

    I started with a Light Roast. Way to light and a little acidic. Caffeine and Hate is very good coffee.

    PS, those aren’t M4’s they’re SBR’s, 11 inch barrels (I think) in a pistol caliber. (9mm, maybe 45) notice no buffer tube. Hard to say viewing on my phone.

  5. Uncle Al
    It’s a medium roast. I prefer a light, but I thought their light was way too light. What was your opinion?

  6. @Brad – The roast was OK, but the bouquet was anything but aromatic and the flavor was harsh and acidic – which I don’t expect from light roast coffee.

  7. My body can’t handle coffee anymore.. The caffeine is too strong, symptoms were daily headaches. Quit all caffeine for a few months and then got on the tea. Haven’t had a headache since.

  8. I never drank coffee, until Jewel, my coffee snob wife.
    Still don’t drink ‘coffee’, what she makes is nectar.
    She spits in Starbuck’s eye.

  9. I can’t afford coffee so I just carry caffeine pills. 100 mg. Per tablet. No more than four a day or I start becoming a real prick.


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