You’ve Been Given a Glimpse of the Marco Rubio Presidency

Rubio is simply not a conservative, unless you believe Bush-style “compassionate conservatism” isn’t simply liberalism wrapped in a palatable word designed to fool mouth breathers.

A Rubio presidency would have been no different than a Jeb Bush presidency or a McCain presidency or even an Obama presidency.

Thank God for Trump.


On the heels of its horrific failures to repeal Obamacare, the troublesome Senate has finally gotten its act together enough to pass a $1.6-trillion tax cut.  If it passes as expected, Americans can finally get the tax cut for Christmas that they elected a Republican Congress for, following years of Obama-era tax-harvestings and stagnation.  But it was a close call.

One name stands out as a stinker here, and it still stands out as a stinker even though he’s now voting yes: Senator Marco Rubio.  The supposed conservative from Florida was willing to derail the whole thing for all of us and cost the Senate its majority if he didn’t get the tax refund credit he wanted.

In reality, it wasn’t a tax cut, but a dollop of pork slipped into the package, a refundable tax credit to hand to people whose incomes are so low they don’t pay taxes at all.  Read: illegals and unwed mothers who get all kinds of free stuff already.  Now they each get $1,400 checks and another disincentive to work, courtesy of the taxpayers, something Rubio will be sure to tout as he seeks re-election votes from the underclass as a Bush-style “compassionate conservative.”  It always helps to be seen as a distributor of pork.

Annoyingly, he called it pro-growth, just as former President Obama would have done, on the now discredited assumption that consumer spending creates growth.

Tax cuts are what create growth.  And when businesses get tax cuts, guess what!  They create jobs…and give them to the poor.  What Rubio insisted on, and got, was redistribution.

As soon as a politician describes a state distribution of taxes to the poor, who didn’t have a nickel confiscated by the state, as “growth,” you have, right there, a statist. A progressive.

But we knew that about Rubio.

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  1. You can add Mittens to the list. The RINO is everything bad about a democrat plus a heaping tablespoon of hypocrisy and condescension.

  2. Trump is no conservative,either.But his ‘America First’ agenda is a marked improvemrnt over the rest of these swamp dwellers.

  3. “Trump is no conservative”


    Based on what exactly?

    How would you define “conservative?” The Bill Kristol cruise speaker-style “conservative” or someone who wants to (for example) reduce the size and scope of government, free our economy from crippling regulations and appoint judges who hold to our Constitution instead of legislating from the bench?

    Saying Trump is no conservative makes absolutely no sense to me.

  4. Yep. They each get $1400 checks. And if you have kids, it’s already gone.

    I can go to Wal*Mart and easily pick up $250 of needed clothes, shoes, socks, bedding, jackets, hats, gloves, just in one pop.

    That’s assuming the poor are smart enough to buy anything good for their kids, and illegals should get nothing. They already get to deduct for children living in MEXICO. How can we verify they have 17 kids in Mexico?

  5. I once asked Rubio a question at one of his events during the primary season. I asked him if he was concerned about the strength of the administrative state (that federal agencies were creating regulations)and how it usurped power from the duly elected U.S. Congress to create legislation. Since he had spent a good portion of his campaign lamenting the ‘change around the margins’ approach by other Republicans, I thought he would have had a substantial answer to this question.

    He looked at me like I had three heads, as if to say what usurpation? His mealy mouthed answer boiled down to, let them do their jobs, I’m more worried about the economy. It left me with the feeling that he was in fact A-OK with ‘changes around the margins’, and wouldn’t do anything to make any significant changes to the DC apparatus–the federal government and its growing and unaccountable administrative state in particular.

  6. People like him have wrecked the “Republican brand.”

    (I’m so disgusted now with the party that I grimace every time I hear the word, ‘Republican.’)

  7. I had high hopes for Marco when he enter politics but obviously I was wrong. I think he has been eaten by the swamp monster. Nothing else explains his slide from a hard core conservative to the slimy bastard he has become.

  8. Still waiting for people that say, “Trump is no conservative” to give me examples of his less than conservative policies so far.

    Pit Trump against any past president and make the case that that president was more conservative… including Reagan.

  9. The thought of Little Marco being President is enough to give me nightmares! And I believe President Trump is a conservative.

  10. Rubio is such a clown. This is a blatant effort to have something to tout in 2024 when he runs for the GOP nomination. Such a d bag move

  11. In my defense, Trump was a registered Democrat and every single Democrat I know will talk conservative until it’s time to vote, then it’s full throttle stupid for them everytime.

  12. “Trump is no conservative,either”

    I really need to get a look at these peoples definition of conservative. Judging him on his accomplishments so far, name anybody, anytime, more conservative. You can’t. Please say Ted Cruse because it’s been a rough day and I need a laugh.

  13. If Trump wasn’t a conservative there wouldn’t be this over-the-top ridiculous passion to oust the guy by any means necessary.

  14. Can you be a conservative and complain about Trumps Conservative track record? I say no. Little Ben, the big thumb, the Right Poop, all fit in the same category. Bush conservatives. Establishment conservatives. Which leans harder towards Bernie that it does towards Trump.

  15. If Trump isn’t a Conservative, what does that make Ryan and McCONnell?

    I have a few descriptive x-rated words, none are conservative.

  16. Conservative? can him what you want but Trump is the man that brought all of us out of deep despair and pulled this country back from the edge of no return. He views this country as we do and this man can never be thanked enough.
    It’s as if God himself stepped in and delivered this man to us.

  17. Labeling Trump is a fool’s errand. He is a winner.
    A winner with great instincts including being able to label losers with ease.

    Ask Little Marco.


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