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“Black Voices For Trump” Community Centers Coming To 15 Battleground States

NBC News

President Trump’s re-election campaign announced Wednesday that it is planning to open 15 community centers in critical battleground states next month aimed at boosting African-American support heading into the 2020 election.

These new retail-style spaces are technically field offices, staffed by Trump Victory — the joint committee between the campaign and the Republican National Committee — and will be located in “high-traffic areas” where black voters can walk in and learn about the president’s agenda.

“Last time it was ‘what the hell do you have to lose?’ Now, we’re going to show them what they’ve gained from President Trump and what more they could gain if they get more four years,” said White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, who continues to play a key role in the campaign’s strategic decisions.

The locations for these “Black Voices for Trump” spaces include Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Miami, Charlotte and Atlanta; notably in all their top-tier target states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. More

6 Comments on “Black Voices For Trump” Community Centers Coming To 15 Battleground States

  1. Wait, I thought the US population will be extinct in 2 months from the coronavirus.
    Oh I get it now. These “community centers” are for body storage. Trump wants to kill us all, but POC and minorities will be taken out first.

  2. President Trump’s re-election campaign isn’t taking anything for granted. It worked the first time. Winning.

  3. “It’s nice to have a competently run campaign by the republicans for once…….”

    If we don’t stay on top if it, it’ll only be ‘once.’

  4. I’m glad to see Black Americans (not the race-baiters) not being taken for granted. I hope though that when these community centers are promoting the Trump agenda and how much it has done for blacks in the past and will continue to do when he’s re-elected that they also promote Republican in the Congressional race as well as the Senate. If the GOP fail to recapture Congress or worse yet lose the Senate then Trump will be hamstrung for the whole four years. On the other hand if the GOP can convince a good chunk of the Black vote to go with Trump and the GOP for the Congress and Senate then Democrat Party blood will running in rivers in November.


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