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How Bloomberg And Bernie Used Campaign Finance To Hack Democracy


There’s a crisis in our democracy. One of our national parties has been hijacked by a narcissistic billionaire interloper with a history of racist policies and misogynistic rhetoric and a devious plan to legally rig the election. I’m not talking about the GOP. It’s the self-styled “progressive” party held hostage, and the signature on the ransom note is Michael Bloomberg’s.

When Democrats wake up this Sunday after the South Carolina primary, there’s a fair chance their presidential race will be down to just two candidates with the resources to compete in March’s slew of pricey state contests: moneybags Bloomberg and socialist Bernie Sanders. No other Democrat candidate clearly appears to have $10 million on hand—and that’s just what it will take to compete for one or two more weeks in this race.

It’s deliciously ironic that this nomination, one Democrats have long presumed to be a prelude to a de facto inauguration after a general election they don’t believe they can lose, has devolved to two candidates who arguably are not Democrats. Sanders, despite seeking office relentlessly since 1972, has never won a Democratic nomination or ever formally joined the party. Bloomberg has spent much of his life a Republican and is still trying to dry the ink on the Democratic Party registration card he purchased just for this pursuit.

How did it happen? You can blame Russ Feingold, John McCain, Common Cause, and rank-and-file progressives who, mostly lacking a religion aside from climate eschatology, now worship at the altar of campaign finance restrictions. read more

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  1. I intend to participate in Super Tuesday in the spirit of Animal House’s Deathmobile in Virginia’s parade.
    There is no write-in possibility, otherwise I would write-in Trump. so I will cast my vote for Marianne Williamson, who is on the ballot but dropped out long ago.

    Can Trump supporters join me to strip delegates from Sanders and Bloomingberg and place Williamson in the position of power broker? Biden isn’t in the race. He’s in the blue tent undergoing the NFL concussion protocol. Drooling idiot.

    Doing damage to Sanders and befuddling the democrats would be hilarious.

    It’s a futile and stupid gesture. And we’re just the guys to do it. Let’s go!!!!

  2. Sanders

    Shows up at a Pot Luck Dinner empty handed

    Complains about the Food

    Tries to leave with most of the Leftovers


    80% of New Yorkers are illiterate

    Bans Soda

  3. Has anybody ever found the word democracy in the founding documrnts?

    The pledge of allegiance says we are a republic, so did Ben Franklin.

    Democracy is to flawed and prone to being overthrown by tyrants.

  4. I am so sick and tired of anybody referring to our government as a Democracy. I here it all the time from all sides!!!!!!!!!!! Its a f-ing Constitutional Republic!!! WHY WHY WHY do they keep doing this?? Is there a conspiracy? I was totally turned off by this writer in the first sentence, who ever it is that wrote this piece is not even worth reading because of the BS democracy thing!

  5. Remember when Nancy Polosi recited the Pledge of Allegiance on the the house floor? She highlighted the word REPUBLIC. I cant stand liberals but she did seem to recognize that we are a Republic. This writer cant do that! What say you BFH

  6. Do away with the electoral college. It stripped the leading lady from her marriage/birthright!

  7. If the dems can’t get rid of Bernie by painting him as a Russian bot, I see another heart attack in his near future. I think the dem party elites want Bloomberg, and will do whatever it takes to prop him up, and get Bernie out of the way.

  8. The Democrats are going to blame Citizens United, and demand “campaign finance reform” using taxpayer dollars.

  9. The US is rapidly declining.

    Everyday the tyranny grows, the debt increases, and the wars continue.

    The government and illegal aliens don’t obey the law.

    You are being wiretapped. There are cameras everywhere.

    You have no rights.

    The USA is not a democracy.

    You must give the government your fingerprints and DNA.

    Americans are forbidden from starting a business and given welfare to make them dependent children.

    You are told to wear a mask, but masks are illegal.

    Carrying cash is illegal, but depositing less than $10,000 into own bank account is a crime.

    You must use seatbelts and helmets.

    You can’t smoke.

    Any thinking person would feel like they are choking.

    How could you not be enraged?

    Not only are Americans silent about the police state, they are so enslaved now that they beg their beloved government overlords for more chains and more laws.

    Absolute insanity.

    The whole country seems to be having a nervous breakdown.

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