BLM Loots ‘For Justice’, and they’re really annoyed with Biden for some reason

Summit News-

BLM agitators tried to organize a ‘loot for justice’ event by targeting a shopping mall in California, prompting a police response.

The planned looting was a response to the police killing of Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot dead by a cop in Columbus, Ohio after she tried to stab two other people.

Leftists have lied about the incident in an effort to create another George Floyd moment, when in reality the responding officer literally saved the lives of two African-American women.

Seeking an opportunity to exploit the incident for more rampant criminality, BLM extremists tried to organize a “loot until justice is served” shopping spree last night at the Bayfair Center shopping mall near Oakland.

The same mall was targeted in May 2020 during the George Floyd riots. more


BLM Complains Black Communities Being ‘Terrorized At A Greater Rate’ Under Biden Than Trump

Black Lives Matter has complained that black communities are under greater threat now that Joe Biden is President and that things have gotten worse since he took office.

The organisation tweeted that those it represents are being “terrorized” more under Biden than when Donald Trump was president.

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  1. “…you shall see that at least the wolves of the mountains do not devour them. It is with their friends, the Orcs, that they hold their feast: such indeed is the friendship of their kind.”
    -JRR Tolkien, “The Two Towers”

  2. The leftist group thought white flight would have happened already with Kackles in the wings pushing Biden out. Will Biden pull a Dave in his reading to Congress?

  3. When people call for “justice” they should be asked to explain exactly what “justice” is and how we will know we have achieved it.

    I suspect you would get a lot of different, and mostly incoherent, answers and they would bear little or no resemblance to what you would find in a dictionary.

  4. “One way or another, lessons will be learned.”

    The lesson likely to be learned, maybe from a jail cell, is that you’re not allowed to take care of people terrorizing your neighborhood.

    As has been demonstrated several times recently.

  5. The elite want a race war. Imagine the power they would get to “fundamentally” change America forever into “China Lite.”

  6. I had a text storm with my hairstylist yesterday over the shooting of the raging 16 year old. I swear we live in two different realities. The usual, “ the cop could have used a taser, billy club but he should have deescalated the situation first…” I mean, what video did she watch?

    She posted a comment on FB and several people disagreed with her stance. Good!

  7. “things have gotten worse since he took office.”

    A blind man could have seen that coming. It has been almost 60 years since there was a Democrat President that did something good for America.

  8. They are not looting for justice. That is just bullshit! Along with our faux elected reps, and MSM are Antifa BLM communist revolutionaries.

  9. They demand we give them all we have and when there is no more to give they will kill us.
    Then they’ll starve to death because they can’t survive without somebody to feed them.


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