Dems Want FCC to Block Conservative Co.’s Radio Station Deal after Firing of Clinton Fundraiser

Judicial Watch:

Democrats in Congress want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block the sale of a tiny south Florida radio station because the new owner fired a Hillary Clinton fundraiser who once served as mayor of a local city. The politician turned radio host, Raul Martinez, was the Spanish-language station’s top host before a conservative media conglomerate bought it and changed the liberal-leaning programming. The deal received sparse local media coverage but earned national attention when lawmakers in Washington D.C. asked a federal agency to reject the sale for what appears to be political reasons.

It all seems to be connected to Democrats blaming conservative local Spanish media for losing two key south Florida congressional seats in the 2020 election. In the state’s District 27, political newcomer Maria Elvira Salazar, a Cuban-American journalist, upset incumbent Donna Shalala, who served as Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. In the 26th District, Carlos Gimenez, also Cuban-American and the two-term mayor of Miami-Dade County, ousted incumbent Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, a native of Ecuador. Democrats blamed it on misinformation—specifically false threats of socialism—promoted by local Spanish-language media outlets that tend to have politically conservative programming. “It was a McCarthyism type of pounding,” Shalala said in a news article after her shocking loss to a largely unknown candidate who lacks her name recognition. read more

9 Comments on Dems Want FCC to Block Conservative Co.’s Radio Station Deal after Firing of Clinton Fundraiser

  1. They’ve openly declared war on everyone who’s Christian or conservative. Join BLM or Antifa if you want to live (Terminator ref).

  2. Liberal radio stations don’t do well, so the loss of such a station also indicates that that particular programming won’t be replaced. It’s hard to get the progressive message out if no one is listening to the progressive message.

    Liberals don’t care about individuals, so one radio host is neither here nor there and can be jettisoned if convenient. It’s the overall specter of losing a progressive outlet that is causing this reaction.

  3. It’s roughly 100,000 liberal media outlets to one single teeny tiny Conservative Spanish radio station that broadcasts the truth and that wras enough to boot Shalala.
    What does that say about their platform?

  4. Weaponizing Federal Agencies is nothing new to the Democrat party.
    They have appointed, well placed, well paid, political hacks to do their bidding.
    The swamp is deep, many of these well placed political hacks have protected positions for a lifetime.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we have a surfeit of (liberal) organizations and people demanding that conservative leaning people and companies be driven from the face of the Earth?

  6. By the same token ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS should have their broadcast licenses revoked for fabricating the news as well as overt lying and lying by ommission!


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