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Bob Beckel Fired By Fox News — Again

DC: Fox News fired Bob Beckel — again — because “The Five” cohost made a racially insensitive remark to a coworker.

“Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee,” a statement from Fox News said.

Beckel first joined Fox News in 2000 and was one of the original hosts of “The Five.” He parted ways with the network in 2015 while recovering from a back injury.

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  1. Imagine that: not being politically correct enough for Fox News!

    Bob took the money – pay the price.

    Fox News is tanking and they are doing it to themselves — Hannity and Tucker need to run too (but to Glenn Dreck).

  2. Never liked Beckel, but he was more entertaining than Juan Boring Williams. meh

    The hatred for Trump and lies about Trump that spewed out of Beckel’s mouth was amazing – I’m surprised THAT is not what got him fired. I loved how Greg Gutfeld, Kimberley Guilfoyle and Jesse Watters handled him.

  3. So the black, underage hooker moved when he snorted the line off her (maybe his, who knows) taint and he yelled out a Forbidden Word.

    Clutch the pearls.

  4. I remember the days when people didn’t take shit so seriously, especially race. I remember Pollack jokes, black guy jokes, Mexican jokes, Ole and Lena jokes, Chinese jokes, etc. I haven’t heard a new, good racial joke in probably 15 years. I especially miss Pollack jokes.

    This is the world we live in now. I mean, lighten the fuck up, Frances.

  5. Hannity and Tucker Carlson…oh, and Fox and Friends in the A.M, are about all I can stand anymore at Fox.
    (then again, Shannon Bream is “Hot Vanilla” lol )

    The Murdoch brats are destroying the network. It’s past time for another Roger Ailes to come along and start a new network. I saw where the Koch bros. have decided to support Trump.

  6. From Variety:
    Beckel “stormed out of his office” when an African-American information-technology employee came to service his computer, “telling our client that he was leaving his office because he was black.”

  7. Should have noted “allegedly”…

    Sounds made-up. The computer guy even hired the same lawyer leading all of the sexual harassment charges against Fox News.

  8. So, two Pollack’s and an Asian dude go to this construction site looking for jobs. They talk to the foreman who agrees to hire all three. He figured the big, dumb Pollack’s would be good with a shovel, and the small, smart looking Asian dude would be suitable to work at the supplies shed. The foremen gives them their duties and stated he would be back in a few hours to see how they were doing.

    Couple hours go by and the foreman returns, only to see the two big Pollack’s just sitting there on a small mound of dirt with broken shovels. “Follow me, and we will go get new shovels from the Asian dude at the supplies shed,” said the foreman. When they got to the supply shed, the Asian was nowhere to be found so the foreman began going around the building searching for him. As soon as he was about to round a corner, the Asian dude jumps out, arms waving in the air, yelling, “SUPPLIES!” ….

  9. Just so you know: You can watch Hannity, Tucker and the Five online (mostly on YT). I don’t watch FNC at all anymore. They don’t get my eyeballs for ratings. Seriously.

    I do watch FBC for Dobbs and the first hour of Varney. That’s it.

    Bob Beckel is a liar as is Wa-Hon Williams. No time for either. Why would you subject yourself to that?

  10. Fox news is tanking and it’s not because more leftists are starting to watch it.

    On the contrary. Stop alienating your base and get behind our president. It’s that simple.

  11. @PHenry — come to think of it, I usually just watch Dobbs’ show on my tablet on YT because some kind soul posts it every day. And Varney, meh, I can’t stand listening to Napolitano’s stupid laughter, it gets on my nerves, as does Varney’s “What say you?” to every Tom, Dick and Harry who goes on his show. Like I need another opinion from a know-nothing, right? So I guess I can say I don’t watch any of Fox’s franchises. Actually, I watch very little tee vee, mostly TCM (on Demand)when I sit down to watch something. Dennis Miller(!) is now a host and he’s too funny. A nice pushback on TCM’s recent Progtarded show hosts who can somehow turn a 1940’s drama into a metaphor for Civil Rights. It’s getting ridiculous.

  12. @Bman – this is for YOU!

    Two office coworkers found themselves standing next to each other at the men’s room urinals.

    Carl, a white man, looked over and said, “Wow! That’s a big one! I always assumed it was urban legend that black men were bigger.”

    Albert, the black man, thought to himself, “Dang. How do I handle this jerk?” He glanced at Carl and said, “Yep. We’re all pretty big, glad to say.”

    “I sure wish I were build like that,” exclaimed Carl.

    “I think I’m gonna have a little fun with this guy,” thought Albert. He said, “Carl, I really shouldn’t be telling a white man this, but we black men aren’t all born this way. There’s a secret to it.”

    “A secret? Wow! Please, please, please tell me the secret! I’ll owe you big time and I’ll be your friend for life!”

    “OK, OK. I might get tossed out of the black man’s union if anybody finds out so keep your lips sealed. Just before bed, tie some twine around your Johnson and then tie a brick to the other end so that when you lie down in bed, the twine goes over the end of the mattress and the brick hangs a few inches above the floor. Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll be surprised and amazed at the results.”

    Says Carl, “Hey, that’s easy! I’m going to start tonight!”

    Albert sort of appreciates that Carl is playing along with the joke, and he chuckles and says, “Good luck, Carl. Remember it takes about two weeks.”

    Albert doesn’t give it another thought until a week later Carl stops by his desk and whispers, “I can’t thank you enough, Albert, for telling me that secret.”

    “What? You’ve been using the string and brick like I said? Really? Is it working?”

    “I figure after a week I’m halfway there,” says Carl.

    “What do you mean ‘halfway there’, Albert?”

    “Well, it has turned black.”

  13. I understand Beckel was a football player. His career could have been longer if he had worn in football helmet in practices or games. I never watch “Duh Five” anyway.

  14. Here’s the ol’ Robot Bartender Joke:
    One day, a businessman who flew a lot on business travel for his company decided to hit the bar at the airport before he boarded his flight. Since he was in a leftist Fight For $15 state, the bar owner had replaced his bartenders with a robot bartender the Mixmaster 3000.

    The robot bartender comes over to the businessman and it asked the businessman what he wanted. He orders a bourbon on the rocks. The robot serves him the drink and says “from your order you graduated from an engineering university and voted for Donald Trump”. The businessman is amazed the robot is 100% correct.

    The businessman flies in a couple weeks later and takes his coworkers – Democrat voters – to the bar. Ya gotta see this, he says. The bartender asks each of them what they want to drink. One leftist asshole orders a California wine and the other orders a Budweiser.

    The robot comes back with their order, hands the wine to the one leftist and says “you graduated from Harvard with a useless sociology degree, owe hundreds of thousands on your delinquent student loan and voted for Bernie Sanders.” The leftist bursts into tears and wails “it’s true!!!!! It’s all true!”

    The robot hands the Budweiser to the other leftist guy and says “you went to a state college on a full scholarship but flunked out after failing your useless classes on White Privilege, Safe Spaces, and Womyns Studies. You are an illegal immigrant with five arrests for assorted rape & DUI. What the fuck were you thinking when you illegally voted for Obama and then Hillary Clinton?”

  15. I stopped watching “The Five” because of Beckel’s return. I will stop watching Fox News PERIOD if they rehire this asswipe again. They’ve been treading on thin ice with me for some time now. Tucker and Hannity are the only reasons I’m watching now.

  16. Italian Jokes:
    Why can’t Italians have barbecues?
    The fuckin’ spaghetti keeps fallin’ through the grill

    What’s the difference between an Italian Grandmother and an elephant?
    Fifty pounds and black dress

  17. Extirpates – I read a report some time ago that Beckel NEVER played football. Believe it or don’t, he was a . . . . wait for it . . .
    CHEERLEADER!!!! :^) Can’t completely confirm this, but considering what a slug he is, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  18. I’m a broken-down old salesman. I can keep this shit up all day…..

  19. but type nigyer on the gateway pundit and mention that they are afraid to allow you to type the real thing and they will ban you immediately forever as i just found out.

  20. In my observation, it started out OK when Bob the Blob showed back up.
    That generosity by The Four was replaced with thinly disguised contempt over the last couple of weeks. The fifty Buick openly ridiculed him.
    If Bob was on, I didn’t watch, was that simple.
    Never thought I would enjoy it when Jawanna was on.
    Once a drunk, always a drunk.
    A skunk cannot change its smell.

  21. really wish there was an edit feature BFH. I was commenting on this at gateway p and tried to say that ol’ bob said nigger to some black dude.

  22. @Mansfield Lovell, Confederate General Without A Statue Being Torn Down By Elitist Leftists:

    I’m a broken-down old salesman.

    Old Salesman? Here ya go…

    On their wedding night, when the couple finally were alone together in their honeymoon suite bedroom with the heart-shaped bed, the bride turns to her new husband and says, “Please be gentle with me, darling, this is my first time.”

    “Huh?! But you’ve been married three times before me! How can you possibly be a virgin?”

    “Well, the first time was right out of high school. We were both too young, and we drank too much at the reception, especially Andy. On the drive to the motel, he ran the car into the back of a truck. Although I only had a few bruises, he was killed in the crash.”

    “Oh, dear, that’s terrible! So sad. But what about marriage number two?”

    “In college, I fell in love with the most wonderful, sensitive, caring man I’d ever met. On our wedding night, Barry broke down in tears and confessed he was gay, and had married me because he thought I might help him go straight but he knew it would never work. He walked out of the room and I never saw him again. I had the marriage annulled.”

    “OK. I guess in today’s world that’s something that happens from time to time. I’m glad you got over him and were able to carry on with your life. So, what about marriage number three?”

    “Carl was an IBM salesman. On our wedding night, all he did was sit on the corner of the bed and tell me how wonderful it was going to be.”

  23. Uncle Al – the first time I heard that joke the third guy was a (d) and, after making all kinds of promises about how great everything would be, he rolled her over and did the misplaced doggie thing.

  24. ““Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee,” a statement from Fox News said.”

    That could have been anything from “good morning” to “fuck you, niggah!”

    How is “sensitivity” objective criteria?
    WTF is an “African-American” and how does it differ from an “American-American?”
    If they mean “negro” then say so.

    Reads like Beckel just pissed em off with his bloviating bullshit.

    izlamo delenda est …

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