Bombardier Beetle

But does it crap thunder?

ht/ bubba

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  1. Me too, @Paco loco! But I’d rather not have to drop trou to bomb somebody. I haven’t quite figure out how that might work. Binary chemical boogers, maybe? (-:

  2. Take off the blinders and God’s creation comes alive right before your eyes!

    And, enzymes don’t ‘evolve’, they mutate.

  3. Evolution nah. Democrats and other leftist haven’t evolved dysfunctional brains on purpose. Might be due to divine design to suit some cosmic plan, that I don’t understand. Or more likely the degeneration is a natural result of over feeding their minds on mental junk food.

    Next video they’ll claim evidence is suggesting that future generations are starting to evolve different shaped hands and fingers for typing on their not-so-smart smart phones. And an extra hand to hold the phone – plus eyes high on their foreheads to look forward as they walk down the street while reading and typing on their phones.

  4. I can emulate this Bug with Beer and Chili….If I have to go Defcon 1

    I’ll throw in a couple of Hard Boiled Eggs…I once cleared an

    Aircraft Hangar at Tyndall AFB….

  5. All righty then. I guess one day, millions of years ago, the Peacock Mantis Shrimp all got together for a brain storming session, to figure out how to survive in a dangerous water world when they are barely over an inch long.

    And decided wouldn’t it be cool if we evolved to create a punch that can smash open crab shells, break aquarium glass, makes a pressure wave that creates bubbles that when they collapse generates the heat of the sun? And while we’re at it, let’s also evolve eyes that see more colors than any other creature on earth. All we need is advanced mathematics, research in chemistry, materials science, DNA modification and some amazing engineering. Let’s do it! .

  6. I used to work with a guy (I’ve told of him in the past) that I’m certain has this bugs DNA mixed in with his.

  7. Michael Behe, the ID Guy, wrote about these cool bugs and the fartboxes they are equipped with.

    Anyone who reads Behe’s book will be astounded at these little farters, designed so well by the BossMan. The equivalent for a human would be the ability to manufacture mustard gas in his guts and shoot it out of his ass.

    These bombardier beetles, along with the blob fish, and a thing that grows on the bottom of the ocean that looks like a man’s clamdigger, is why I think God has a terrific sense of humor.

  8. The mechanism is irreducibly complex: remove one component and it can’t work. No integrated system can have evolved piecemeal, nor can any integrated system have evolved all at once, intact and functioning from the get go.

    God did it per Genesis.


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