OXFAM is scapegoating wealthy people

BFD: The other day we published an article by Christie about how the Red Cross hasn’t distributed all the money donated to it to help those affected by the bush fires in Australia. We also published an article by Xavier about how Jacinda Ardern has signed up to what she calls Facebook transparency rules. Well, another charity, Oxfam, on Facebook this week has been transparently political.

[…] Not only is Oxfam a registered charity engaging in political activism on its Facebook page, it is also actively scapegoating wealthy people. Wealthy people are not the reason why poor people exist. They are the reason why so many working-class and middle-class people have jobs. read more

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  1. Anonymous, same for my Dad, he only donated to The Salvation Army because they treated the soldiers on Guadalcanal so well.

  2. Have a friend who worked for Red Cross most of her carer.
    She was in the “sunshine club” $100,000 + per year for virtue signalling.
    From what i have learned from her the Red Cross is the worst “aid” organization to contribute too.
    You are lucky if 10% of your donation actually goes to aid.

  3. ” Said in WWII that they made soldiers pay for their coffee and donuts.”

    Same in Vietnam.

    If you give to a charity, make it the Salvation Army.

  4. All the Red Cross does is to show up to take credit. When I worked emergency rooms we became very dependent on the Salvation Army. The liberals hate the SA so they must be a good effective organization. Some organizations do more harm than good. For instance the American Heart Association is likely responsible for the world wide obesity epidemic due to pushing the cholesterol myth when studies did not confirm a link between fat and cardiac disease. Carbs being the issue tough there is no link between diet and blood fats and any disease. And Epstein did not commit suicide.

  5. @alexb
    JANUARY 27, 2020 AT 1:59 PM
    “From what i have learned from her the Red Cross is the worst “aid” organization to contribute too.
    You are lucky if 10% of your donation actually goes to aid.”

    Still better than the Clinton Foundation

  6. Oddly enough, it was the Japanese Management from Mitsubishi-Chrysler

    Who told Us new Hires in 1989 , not to give to the Red Cross …They

    actually gave Us a list of Charities that used up 90% of the

    Donation….Red Cross was always $.10 on the Dollar….

  7. I also agree on the Red Cross and the Sslvstion Army! My Dad was in WWII and said the same about Red Cross charging and the SA really caring. Many times he told me to never walk by a SA kettle without dropping something in.

    And remember when Bob Dole’s wife was pulling down a couple hundred grand a year to run the Red Cross?

  8. I was raised in the Salvation Army. You always hear of the Red Cross during disasters. The Salvation Army is usually the first to show up so long as they have one of there Citadel’s nearby. They ask for nothing. They only give. And no administrative costs. I’ve always been proud of my connection with them.

  9. The donations that you make to the Red Cross go a long way to making their top executives very wealthy!


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