Xenobots – Organic Robots Made of Living Flesh

No this isn’t some kind of scifi tale like “Blade Runner,” but actual experimental units made of living flesh. Scientist combined skin cells with heart cells to create a microscopic clump that moves with each pulsation of the heart cells. Labeling their creation “xenobots” this could be the first step towards a number new medical treatments or industrial applications. Watch

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  1. “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long and you have burned so very very brightly, Roy. Revel in your time!”

  2. “Organic Robots Made of Living Flesh”

    …we’ve had those for awhile, we just called them Democrats.

    They do as they are told.

    …and apparently, Soros is the programmer…

  3. If this was designed by Cyberdyne, I’d be bugging out right now. The stuff being developed by Boston Robotics right now is creepy enough.

  4. H.P. Lovecraft described these in his ‘Mountains of Madness’ novella. ‘Shuggoths” I think he called them. Giant blobs of flesh able to assume any shape. Used as manual labor by the “Old Ones’ who made them.

    Pretty sure they rose up and squished their masters.


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