Trump Trial – Day 6 Live

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  1. Democratic evidence not admissible…
    There is almost a confession when President Trump.
    Was 17 years old with a total disregard for law and order,
    And with malice aforethought, he deliberately crossed the street in the middle of the block. This was a ticketable offense. Why do we need Further witnesses?

  2. Over an hour of Ken Starr’s sonorous voice and The Complete Dummies Guide to American Impeachment: A Historical Review

    You gotta be a dedicated MAGA Patriot to take this kinda abuse. Argh. Don’t know if this was the best opening gambit, but we’ll see how it played out.

  3. Really MAGAnificient presentation by The Woman Lawyer who followed the break. “Mr. Gulliani – 4; Mr. Schiff – 0”

    (Has that been tweeted out by POTUS or his lawyer yet?)

  4. @stirrin — The woman with the short hair? I don’t think that was Bondi. I could be wrong, but it did’nt look/sound like her.

  5. @AA – I have to admit, I didn’t see her speak on this feed, but rather, it was being broadcasted on a radio station I was listening to. And the talk show host clearly said it was Pam Bondi speaking. We’ll find out for sure as today’s proceedings are analyzed by the various Fox talk shows. Whoever it was, it was outstanding.

  6. @stirrin — Oh jeeze! I forgot that I’m not watching it live. I think I’m at least a couple hours behind you.

    But The Lawyer Patrick Philbin just quoted the Left’s Holy of Holy’s, Lawrence Tribe, and shoved Tribe’s words right down their throats. That’s gotta hurt. Then he did it again with Schumer’s own words! LOL!! Golly, I don’t think the Democrats thought this through very well. LOL

  7. @AA – “…I don’t think the Democrats thought this through very well. LOL…”

    Whether they didn’t think it through, or they were consumed with delusional hatred, or they were just desperately trying to stop the uncovering of their corrupt exploitation of the power and wealth accumulation that government provides them, my prediction is that Trump will accomplish THE BIGGEST take down of a corrupt system ever!

  8. They really didn’t think it through. lol!
    They were counting on the R’s folding like a paper suit. And they’re not. And how! 😀

  9. Pam Bondi clearly spelled out case against Joe and Hunter Bid=n, including money flow to Hunter and even the infamous Bid=n confession – son of a bitch,

  10. I’m taking my dinner break while they are and will come back afterwards. I’m very impressed with POTUS Trump’s defense team. Sober with the dignity befitting such a proceeding. Showin’ how it’s done!

  11. My opinion is they kicked ass and took names today. One of my many favorite parts was showing Romney how he let Obama make him look like a fool and he was too stupid to fight back.

  12. I watched the entire thing. Starr was boring but his stuff was excellent from the standpoint of talking to the Chief Justice. Then the lawyers laid out legal issues. Bondi was excellent reading a great writeup of the facts on the Ukrainian corruption, and then Hershman right after her is a “don’t miss” — he even went after Obama. After dinner, Dersh (ignore his pandering to the libs) did a credible job of summing it all up: even if every fact the Dems allege is true, neither the articles nor the facts presented about them support charges of impeachment. Was a precursor to a motion to dismiss.

  13. OH MY GOD! Dershowitz just got out in front of the Democrats!!!!!

    He’s laid out the whole Monty! He’s presented EVERY kind of thing they could possibly try to invoke in the future to try this impeachment thing — EVER AGAIN!!!

    Oh, “boo hoo” Mad Max! Oh, “boo hoo”, Nasty Pelosi!!

    Sad,sad, sad trombone.



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