Bonfire of Latina Professor’s Book After Lecture On “White Privilege”


On Wednesday night, students at Georgia Southern University (GSU) ripped and burned copies of a Latina author’s book about a woman of color navigating life at a predominately white university. The burning happened after Jennine Capó Crucet, author of Make Your Home Among Strangers and a professor at the University of Nebraska, spoke at the university about the book and her personal experiences. Make Your Home Among Strangers follows a young Cuban woman who has to balance the needs of her family with being a minority at a predominately white elite university.

Crucet’s book was assigned to incoming freshman at GSU who each go through a “first-year experience” course, and the university had invited her to speak about it at their campus. Several students who spoke with BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity said attending the discussion was mandatory. GSU did not immediately respond to TIME’s request for clarification.

After reading from the book and sharing some personal anecdotes, Crucet took questions from the audience. She received a contentious question from a student who took issue with her opinions on white privilege. More

The students didn’t burn her book because they were racist. They burned it because the author wasn’t inclusive and only lectured to them about “white privilege.” – Dr. Tar

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  1. “A Cuban woman’s experience at a predominately white college”
    Now the bitch knows how I feel going back to Miami!

  2. The book started as an act of love and deeper understanding, yet it ended up being lecturing white kids they are privileged. Yeah, yeah it’s all been heard before, college kids hear it every day. They’re lectured on diversity, but they’re not included in that diverse conversation.

    *Everyone* knows HATING WHITEY
    is the *embodiment* of LOVE and TOLERANCE!

    (need I add…/sarc ?!)

  4. As an ethnically German person, I get very nervous when people burn books, any books, for any reason. “When they came for the , I said nothing, etc.”

  5. I am very skeptical that white students were doing this book burning. Especially since the story is from Time magazine. If any books were burned I’d bet that lefties did it as bait for media coverage and book sales.

  6. Just another example of some non-whites routinely using the inventions and innovations of white people to denigrate them.

    Wonder if she would even be able to print, publish or even hold her “book” in her hand today if these “privileged” white people never existed on Earth.

  7. “predominately white elite university”…Well there’s your problem right there, Senora. You went to school with a bunch of elite assholes who shunned you and looked down on you. Maybe if you’d started at a fine state university in the sticks, you’d have a better attitude about white people.

    BTW, I looked up your photos. You look pretty darned white, girl.

  8. @geeknerd October 14, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    > As an ethnically German person, I get very nervous when people burn books

    That must be ethnically “German”. When those of (pre-genocide) German descent see a book burning, they’re compelled to check the train schedules.

  9. “Welcome to college, except you, whitey. Fuck you. Fuck your family. And fuck your history. You have to take my worthless class and read my worthless, racist book.”

    – Progtard Asshole Professor teaching non-rigorous shit major

  10. If you listen you can hear the “Horst Wessel”
    playing to the killing song of the flames.
    We been there and stopped it before but it looks
    like “Here it comes again”. Sat Cong!

  11. If indeed fed-up white students did this (and it’s not another race hoax to promote her book), then I applaud. It’s far better statement-making than what antifa and the leftists do, preventing opposing speech, rioting, vandalism, assault.


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