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Book claims Hillary demanded Bill to get tested for HIV

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In their new book “Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love,” from Blood Moon Productions, Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince claim that due to Bill Clinton’s reputed prolific philandering, Hillary once demanded that he be tested for HIV, since “he favored unprotected sex.”   [NYP]

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  1. Yeah, that meant he might want to have sex with her again…LOLOLOLOLOL….for cripes sakes, he’s seen her naked!….LOLOLOL….I’m gonna run out of LOL’S…is there an internet rebate program?….

  2. Just think: A divided house can’t stand, and their marriage is no exception.
    So, they’re worth well over 150 million. When that’s broken, where will this $ be distributed?


  3. It’s impossible to copy right “YES”…it’s an affirmative surrounded by a possible vanquishing negative….this sounds somewhat inconsequnsential unless you read it in an english accent…I need to buy some LOL’s …MJA…

  4. With respect to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis story, my bullshit detector went off with such ferocity that coastal Spain is now being evacuated under tsunami warnings.

    Let’s start with the allegation that Truman Capote spread the tale. While it is true that a) he was good friends with Katharine Graham (who was the honoree of his famous “Black and White Ball” in 1966), and b) this would have been precisely the kind of thing that would send his gossipy streak straight into overdrive, Capote died in 1984.

    At that time, Bill Clinton was not yet a true player on the national political scene. He was in his second (non-consecutive) term as governor of Arkansas. If anyone can tell me what the governor of a small southern state was doing meeting with Jackie, I’m all ears.

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