Hijrah – IOTW Report


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  1. “Never let a crisi go to waste!”

    Also, Google Cloward-Piven!!!

    It’s all part of BHO’s to degrade kill America.

  2. O is a member of a global conspiracy to replace the nation state form of world division with a feudal government comprised of a council of oligarchs and all the rest of us human thralls. The two main tools being used are: moslem refugees (the hijrah) and the imposition of energy poverty by way of ‘global warming’ taxation. O’s foreign and domestic policy totally align with these two initiatives. Away from home he destabilizes the moslem countries and disperses their inhabitants to the civilized world. At home he opens the doors to all comers from the uncivilized world. The EPA is hobbling energy production and he intends to binds us to energy rationing treaties.

  3. Ann Corcoran’s Blog is the best! Go there and you will find everything for your State and excellent links.She is devoted to the Immigration problems.If we do not solve this,once and for all we won’t have to bother solving anything else, because our country will be gone.

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