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How To Confound a Muslim

Ravi Zacharia, gives a 42 minute lecture on the illogic of Islam when held up next to Christianity.

 At the 25:11 mark he tells a story of how to explain Jesus to a follower of Mohammad. ravi-zacharias

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  1. I love Ravi! He and Nabeel Qureshi are the best of the best on apologetics. I met him this past April at their annual National Apologetics Conference. Amazing man!

    (Go to the conference next year — three days, $40.00 — held in Bellevue, WA)

  2. ( Pssst. Just a gentle correction, Dr. Tar. It’s Zacharias, with an “s” at the end.)

  3. 42 minutes vs 1100 ft per second at 21 feet. My times valuable.

  4. BadBrad — LIstened today to Whittle and Molyneux discussing the history of islam and whether or not there is any opportunity for a “modern wedge” to bring islam around to the 21st C. Sort of like the reformation of Christianity after the rise of the Catholic church and their hideous practices. So interesting. There have been many anecdotal stories out of the ME about muslims being “visited” in their dreams by Jesus and enormous numbers of islam-to-Christian conversions. Don’t know what to make of these stories, but Nabeel Q., himself a former and very devout muslim (son of an islamic holy man), risked life and limb to abandon islam for Christianity. His story is riveting.

  5. Diana and I have been working with different ministries, some in the States, some overseas, for most of our married life, to help the people in Muslim countries hear the Gospel of Christ Jesus — some for the first time. My writings are used in many countries as Bible studies; most are not allowed the Holy Bible itself. We do this anonymously . . . well, until now. Thanks for posting this!

  6. O.K. regarding the last two posts. I’ve got something to say. I was just down in SoCal. Long Beach, Anaheim, San Fernando,we did the whole nine yards. First day I told my wife, “You know whats missing around here, Blonde hair”. No reply. Nest day in the afternoon, “Your right, I’ve been watching and I’ve seen no blonde hair”.
    If you want to convert the muzzies that’s fine. If you want improved living conditions for Mex’s that’s fine too. What do we owe our own heritage? I was born and raised until age 12 in SoCal. Don’t even recognize the place. Sooner or later our heritage needs to become a priority. I don’t like being pissed on and that’s what it’s stating to feel like. Every one more important than us. Fuck That!

  7. Last I saw in San Fernando (the town, in the SF Valley) there were still some whites/ others left. not much, but some. You wanna see something third world? Go to Van Nuys. All Mexican/ central American. And then go to the solid Asian areas, too. Not a word of English, no signs in English to be found. It’s ridiculous.

  8. How to confound a muzlim –

    Put him in a round room and tell him there’s an infidel in the corner!

  9. MJA, Damn, I hope you understand where I was going with this

  10. That’s great work that you are doing Dr. Jay. I support some of the Voice of the Martyr’s efforts to spread the Word of God in countries where Christians are persecuted or killed.
    They deliver Bibles to North Korea using small helium balloons when the wind is right, but they have boots on the ground everywhere.

    May the Good Lord Bless your ministries.

  11. Zacharias knows nothing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

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