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“Temporary” Taxes Forever

CPR: Nothing is so permanent as a temporary tax.

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In California, the state’s most powerful public-employee lobbies are preparing two initiatives for the November 2016 ballot that would either extend or simply make permanent an income-tax increase on the state’s highest earners that was scheduled to expire at the end of 2018. Legislators and their union patrons can hardly contain themselves.

Anyone with eyes to see could have predicted this turn of events. In 2012, the Golden State faced a $16 billion budget deficit caused almost entirely by unchecked entitlements, poor revenue estimates, and years of bad legislative choices. Governor Jerry Brown went to voters and said, in effect, he wouldn’t raise their taxes; he wanted them to raise taxes on themselves. But he promised that the pain would only be temporary. And if voters didn’t go along, well, the governor couldn’t guarantee what might happen next to public schools, health care for the poor, and other beloved programs. No pressure or anything — just vote for Proposition 30 and nobody else would get hurt. Brown tramped up and down the state in the weeks before the election, quoting scripture as he often does to make his case. When the ballots were all counted, 55.4 percent of voters went along.  more here

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  1. There’s never been a Gov agency discontinued and very few taxes eliminated. So when Cruz talks about eliminating the IRS, fat chance

  2. That’s exactly the reason I’m voting for Trump. Death to the ABCs. Cruz can tag along as VP, that would be fine by me. He’d be an excellent consultant to Trump.

    Anyway, CA is boned. “I like trains!” Good fucking God. The public saved 30% of their water usage these past few months and what does the CA gub do? Increase their water costs by +$300 a year. A thank you and a fuck you all tied up in a neatly tied package of choad.

    Unrelated, the funny thing is YOU KNOW Hollywood wants to get the f out of CA big time. They see the Bernie Sanderesques on the horizon and they dinna wanna be taxed no more. Dem contributions, sure, but not the big bite of taxes. They wanna move, but they can’t. No state in their right mind would take them. Bits & pieces maybe, but not wholesale.

  3. I moved my Custom Home Building Co. back to Texas 20 years ago because it costs me $25,000+ in fees for each house before I could even break ground.

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