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Border Patrol Moral Collapses

Washington Examiner

 Twelve Border Patrol agents are the only federal law enforcement officers present along a 245-mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border surrounding Del Rio, Texas. It’s the lowest-ever number of agents on duty in the area, even as more migrants illegally cross here now than ever before.

The surge of illegal immigration is taking a significant toll because it has kept agents from carrying out their national security mission. Agents say they are physically drained and struggling to see beyond the crisis. More

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  1. Don’t worry Joe6pak…They’ll see plenty of Afghannies coming through Del Rio in the next few years and have probably seen more then a few come through already….

    12 hour shifts mean there’s 6 patrolling 245 miles on any given day….8 hour shifts mean 4….

  2. I’m sick and tired of hearing the word “incompetence”.

    All of this. EVERYTHING that is happening is by design.


  3. Yep.
    It takes more than incompetence to destroy a civilization.
    It takes meticulous planning, iron resolution, and precise execution.
    The guys who attended the Wannsee Conference were JDs, PhDs, and MDs – not an “incompetent” among them.

    We’ve been inoculated against truth.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. JB has not the foggiest idea of who he is or what he is supposed to do. His two brain cells only handle food in,, poop out.

  5. Where’s the Texas National Guard? They have planes that can drop bombs. The sheriffs in four counties deep from the border should deputize every legal gun owner.

  6. Keep telling me I need to vax and mask while allowing disease across our border unchecked.

    See how that works out.


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