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“Boy Scouts of America” is Dropping the Word “Boy”


The Boy Scouts of America is changing its name for the first time in its 114-year history and will become Scouting America. It’s a significant shift as the organization emerges from bankruptcy following a flood of sexual abuse claims and seeks to focus on inclusion. The organization steeped in tradition has made seismic changes after decades of turmoil, from finally allowing gay youth to welcoming girls throughout its ranks. With an eye on increasing flagging membership numbers, the Irving, Texas-based organization announced the name change Tuesday at its annual meeting in Florida, the AP reports.

  • “In the next 100 years we want any youth in America to feel very, very welcome to come into our programs,” Roger Krone, who took over last fall as president and chief executive officer, told the AP before the announcement.
  • The organization began allowing gay youth in 2013 and ended a blanket ban on gay adult leaders in 2015. In 2017, it made the historic announcement that girls would be accepted as Cub Scouts as of 2018 and into the flagship Boy Scout program—renamed Scouts BSA—in 2019.


They shot themselves in the tender foot when they started placating minority political activists with big mouths.

There’s a reason male scoutmasters weren’t taking young girls into the woods for overnighters— the suspicion that they might want to seduce one of the girls. So why did we allow gay scoutmasters to stay overnight in the woods with boys they were attracted to?

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  1. I was done with them 12 years ago. Being an adult leader while my son progressed to Eagle exposed me to the ridiculous situation they had allowed the organization to get entrapped into. I continuously feared being wrongly accused of some sexual assault crime by an ADD, drug addled kid.

  2. All inclusive.
    When will BSA encourage illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza, Syria and muslims from Africa?

    Rope tying, escape/evasion, making fake IDs, Marksmanship and bomb making merit badges are included for the adventurous unvetted Jihadist.

  3. As an Eagle Scout and a leader for 3 decades, I applauded their inclusion of girls (and the manner in which they did it, keeping boys and girls in separate troops). I talked to many scout sisters who wished they had the program, and know several who have made it to Eagle. So in that sense the new name is logical. Also, although they have a well-deserved scar from hiding sexual abuse in the 70s-80s, their youth protection program is premier in the country, very few other programs are currently as safe. Keep in mind that EVERY program involving youth is a target for predators. And guess what – public schools are far, far worse than scouts or Catholic schools – and I am talking percentages, which means public school numbers are huge. And largely because of teachers’ unions. But I digress.
    I do have major issues with the organization, and likely will not continue my association with them after summer camp this year. Of course it helps that I live on the other side of the country from my troop. The gay thing really shouldn’t be an issue, because scouts doesn’t really deal with sexuality in its teaching. But the new ‘Citizenship in Society’ merit badge, required for Eagle Scout, is the epitome of wokeness. It is carefully worded, so if I were the counselor a scout could have a good outcome – but a LGBTQyadayada person could twist the same requirements into a grooming session.
    When my scoutmaster (RIP) founded my troop in 1947, he was an Eagle and had the benefit of his dad’s experience as a scoutmaster. He used the BSA program – but kept the troop somewhat out of interaction with other troops. When we (well not me) attended the National Jamboree in 1957 they won every single competition against every jamboree troop. And BSA asked him not to come back. So they have had a history of being snowflakes, to some degree, even back to the 1950s.
    Baden-Powell is legendary. I highly recommend his ‘Scoutmastership’ book, about a century old now, for anyone raising children.

  4. Fuck inclusivity and equity, they have done nothing but destroy everything and every organization in the name of diversity, and especially for white heterosexual normal all-American males. Whitey don’t count no more. And again, the Babylon Bee is on top of this with today’s headline, For greater inclusivity, Boy Scouts of America removes every word in name except of. But what exactly are they representatives of now that they’ve removed all the standards for being a Boy Scout?

  5. “I applauded their inclusion of girls”

    Why? Don’t Girl Scouts have similar programs? You have been intimately involved with this organization for 3 decades, and good on you for that, but aren’t you even a little pissed off that the onslaught of male-centric anything marches forward, that our gynocentric society is up in arms over simple words like manhole covers, police-men and fire-men, that there exists a concerted effort to eliminate men (or at least their standing and influence) totally, and that this is just one more example of their jack-booted tactics in destroying any male centered institutions?

  6. @Rich – I appreciate that boys and girls need to be separate some of the time. But the scout program does that. And BSA and GSA programs are not the same – as I said I talked to many girls over the years who wished they could do what the boys were doing.
    Regardless, the organization is definitely cratering, which is why I don’t plan to continue. In that it is following GSA, which is even further down the gutter.

  7. “as I said I talked to many girls over the years who wished they could do what the boys were doing.”

    So, wouldn’t the solution be to reform the girl programs, to offer them the same education and training with the requisite merit badges as the boys?

    Interestingly, The Girl Scouts did not have to change their name, they still get their exclusivity and name recognition;


    So instead of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, recognizing both sexes as valuable, we have Scouting America and Girl Scouts, and one more vestige of male identification gets removed.

  8. @Rich – my point is that the Baden-Powell program is great, and that although he designed it for boys he recognized that girls would benefit from it as well. In that regard, I have no issue with BSA adding girls – and in fact UK scouts is coed, and I believe has been for decades. Also, Venture and Explorer crews in BSA have been coed for a few decades.
    Also, keep in mind that these are private organizations. Reform must happen within – and competition is welcome (and there are a few alternatives that follow more conservative Christian precepts).
    Here’s a quick history of girls in UK scouts: https://www.scouts.org.uk/about-us/our-history/our-online-exhibitions/the-early-days-of-scouting/scouting-for-girls/

  9. Do the Boy Scouts even have Jamborees anymore? the World Boy Scout Jamboree was held at Camp Cowles on Diamond Lake about 40 miles N and E of Spokane in July 1969. A good friend of mine in HS was a Boy Scout and attended that Jamboree and missed the moon landing on TV while out at that Jamboree because they didn’t have any TV’s.

  10. Great comments, Rich Taylor. Totally agree.
    Inclusiveness and diversity as implemented tend to exclude heterosexual traits that are established by God for men particular. Positive, influential male characteristics that build strong stable societies are ignored and denigrated.

    Now that Marxists have taken over The Boy Scouts of America, they no longer recognizes the crutial role of stable, moral male leaders mentoring young men based on Christian inspired values. Criteria that supports the straight male identity is being dismissed.

    Including females, only undermines the purpose of encouraging uniquely male attibutes and skill sets.
    If girls want to test their skills using the boys scouting standards, more power to them, but it should be done in their own organization, The GSA, not BSA.

  11. Transgenderism and other mental and behavioral disorders weaponized against organizations like the Boy Scouts of America are causing havoc…of course, by design.

  12. @99th

    “Now that Marxists have taken over The Boy Scouts of America”

    Although I would agree, you could substitute Feminism for Marxists, and still be home for supper.

    Modern feminism is a rejection of the Patriarchy. All patriarchal institutions, the nuclear family, the church, and the Boy Scouts, all must be dismantled. If you believe that men are the oppressors, then removing that oppression is altruistic.

    The early suffragettes, all eugenicists BTW, targeted the nuclear family, with the husband/father at the head, as problematic. Ditto with the church, with Jesus Christ as the head.

    The simple fact that the leaders of The Boy Scouts did not put up more of a fight tells me they did not have the stomach to do what was right.

  13. @Left Coast Dan

    Was the Nat’l Jamboree in 1957 held in Costa Mesa or El Toro or Irvine CA? There is as major street in southern OC called Jamboree and I have read that it was named after a Boy Scout Jamboree held there many years ago, I think in the late 1950’s.

  14. Rich Taylor we are definitely on the same page. Semantics really shouldn’t be a big deal, so I hope you don’t mind my perspective about Feminism.

    To my understanding, the roots of Feminism originated in Marxist doctine. We both can agree all forms of Marxism is destructive.
    Feminism is just a tailored Marxist doctrine specifically targeting women.

    Yes, you are so correct with your comments. Paternity is the Godly foundation of life and society. Once paternity is destroyed, so is mankind. The Satanic strategy that began when the serpent indoctrinated/deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden.

    Getting The United States of America back to it’s Christian values founding will be a monumental task. Not that confident the American culture will survive.

  15. @Tim – it was at Valley Forge.
    Okay, I looked it up. 🙂 But I do recall seeing that patch on the scoutmaster’s jacket.
    I went in 1981, Fort AP Hill in VA. In fact, there were 3 competitions at that one and we aimed to win them all. We did win the English Gates canoeing competition, we had the top time and 7 of the top 10 2-man teams. We lost a pioneering competition. And my patrol won the volleyball… for our region (of which there were 6). We were extremely disappointed that they didn’t go to a national final.
    You could say my scoutmaster was a competitor who liked to win.

  16. @99th

    The main reason I like this site is that like minded folk like yourself are present and accountable to fortify all of us in the inevitable fight that is coming. Whether we are in the end times, God only knows, but we can not waiver in our obligation to resist evil, in all the iterations our culture provides.


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